Levi Miller as Garrett
Levi Miller
Name: Garrett Kelton Loehrke
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, PA
Age: 16
Aliases: None
Origin: Random genetic mutation
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Prometheus
Dating: Nope
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Enhanced strength, enhanced reflexes, spatial distortion
Portrayed by: Levi Miller

Garrett's powers are, as far as anyone can tell, a result of random genetic mutation. There are no outstanding incidents in his past that might have granted him his abilities, and nobody knows of any supers in the family tree.

IC Events

None Yet. Met people.



(2018-11-20) She Sells Seashells
She Sells Seashells Summary: Aisha and Buddy build sandcastles and bond. Garrett makes a...

(2018-10-24) Plan C
Plan C Summary: The morning after Who ya gonna call? and Horizontal Problem Solving, Syd...

(2018-01-08) OMG Star Wars!
OMG Star Wars! Summary: Kaylee watches The Force Awakens for the first time with Garrett there...

(2018-01-03) A Brisk Chat
A Brisk Chat Summary: Garrett and Kaylee have a small, chilly chat on the patio. Date:...

(2017-11-27) For This Moment To Arise
For This Moment to Arise Summary: A pair of Guardians get to know one another over music. ...

(2017-11-21) Down with the Not Dance
Things go poorly for those that didn't go to the dance. Summary: Down with the Not...

(2017-11-12) FEVER TIME!
FEVER TIME! Summary: Fionnuala, Carmichael, and Garrett meet at the disco! Date: IC Date...

(2017-11-09) To Heal A Broken Heart
To Heal A Broken Heart Summary: Loukanos finds a way to heal Besa. Garrett witnesses. Date: IC...

(2017-11-09) Power Problems
Power Problems Summary: Garrett meets the Twins, they share power problems Date: 2017-11-09 ...

(2017-11-07) Evening Chat
Evening Chat Summary: Garrett is sketching people in the Sea Hub and sees a weird student. He...

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