Ashby Masters
Joaquin Phoenix
Name: Ashby Masters
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Masters Estate, International Waters
Age: 40
Aliases: Known Aliases
Origin: Quest/Magical Artifact
Grade: Alumni
Team: Ares
Dating: Victoria Masters (Wife)
Powers and Abilities: Flight, Turns into Stone, Strength, Enhanced Invulnerability
Portrayed by: Joaquin Phoenix

The eldest son of the main American branch of the Masters Family, Ashby knew that he and his children would be the one to inherit the estate in International Waters off the coast of the United States. He embraced his family's oddness and when it came time for his Quest, he was eager to go off in search of a rare magical artifact, buried among the Medieval Cathedrals of Europe. It took him quite some time, but he eventually found the artifact which then granted him wings (which are permanent) and the ability to turn to stone. He was thusly given, upon his arrival as the Inaugural class at Coral Springs, the codename 'Gargoyle', which stuck.

It was also there that he met Victoria DiAngelo, his first and only love, and they were married in 1998.

Most of his day is kept up dealing with Masters business, but he has made sure to be an active participant in his 5 children's lives.

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