Camren Bicondrova
Name: Gabrielle Hartman
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Keyport, NJ
Age: Born May 26, 2000
Aliases: Gab, Gabby, Sparks, Viscountess Brennamar
Origin: Genetic mutation
Grade: Junior
Team: Athenian League
Dating: That would involve talking to others for more than a second or two at a time. AND taking time away from training… Scary thoughts…
Powers and Abilities: Combat teleporter
Portrayed by: Camren Bicondrova

Gabrielle's origin is both miraculous and completely ordinary. She was born the way she is. She displayed extraordinary levels of dexterity, strength, and stamina from birth. However, her teleportation abilities were only discovered thanks to a chance tumble down the stairs at her home, an event that prompted her to instinctively use her powers to save herself from injuries.

IC Events

Freshman Year (OOC note: This is pre-approval history): Gabrielle discovers her teleportation abilities during the summer before her Freshman year. With the help of her gymnastics coach she is enrolled at Coral Springs High. Because of her extreme shyness this first year is spent mostly alone, focused on training both her newly discovered superhuman abilities and continuing to train in rhythmic gymnastics, dance, and SCA combat.

Sophomore Year: Gabrielle's second year at Coral Springs leads to a little bit of blossoming for the shy young woman. Given that she lives where she studies she opens up a bit and even makes some friends, most notably Tabitha and Kaylee. Otherwise, her second year is no more eventful than that of any of the other students at the school with her focus still mainly on training both her superhuman abilities and continuing to train in rhythmic gymnastics, dance, and SCA combat.

Junior Year: Gabrielle's third year never actually got around to happening. During a training session in the summer between her Sophomore and Junior year her teleportation ability experienced an unexplained flare up and she disappeared mid training session, leaving no trace of where she might be. Over the next three months the Coral Springs staff and their various allies conduct exhaustive searches worldwide, to no avail. Unbeknownst to them, Gabrielle has managed to teleport herself not over a physical distance but instead across dimensions. One second she was in the middle of a practice focused on increasing her tolerance for high frequency, short interval teleportation combos; the next instant something interfered with her powers and she found herself in the middle of a virgin forest. A few weeks of exploration finally convince Gabrielle that the unknown interference had indeed managed to redirect her to teleport to a version of Earth where sapient life never evolved. Thankfully, her involvement with the SCA and her chemical allergies provided Gabrielle with the necessary skills to survive and even prosper in a technology free environment. The next few month end up as a big blur in the young woman's memory since they end up becoming a routine composed of hunting, fishing, gathering, and trying to replicate the circumstances that led to her disappearance from her home Earth. It takes her almost nine months to stumble upon the right sequence of teleportational hops that finally bring her home. Which would have been awesome, except she reappears not in the middle of Paragon Island's training grounds as she expected, but rather surrounded by sea water in the school's now flooded laundry room, facing the dimensional crack that caused so much trouble. Instinctively, she teleports again, this time back to her room in her parents' house. After a brief period of re-adjustment were she's filled in on recent history she returns to the school, resigned to falling back a year in her academics and prohibited from using her powers anywhere near the dimensional crack.



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