Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Fin) Wai Ching Ho (Madame Wu) (Tad Carpenter) Seth Gilliam (Dr. Bertram Sneed) (Veronica Meadows) Fionualla (Emily Rudd) Daxton (Logan Lerman)
Name: Finnegan Green (?)
Gender: male
Place of Birth: Nairbyl, Isle of Mann (British Isles)
Age: 14
Aliases: Madame Wu, Dr. Betram Sneed, Veronica Meadows, Tad Carpenter
Origin: mutation, limited arcane exposure
Grade: Freshman
Team: Metis
Dating: none
Powers and Abilities: Illusion, minor magics
Portrayed by:

Thomas Brodie-Sangster (Fin)
Wai Ching Ho (Madame Wu)
(Tad Carpenter)
Seth Gilliam (Dr. Bertram Sneed)
(Veronica Meadows)

Fionualla (Emily Rudd)
Daxton (Logan Lerman)

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The first time young Finnegan Green used his powers he was not much past nine years of age. His Gran was gunned down by a stranger and in her dying breath demanded he hide. And he did. In plain sight.

Try as the gunman might, he could not find the child who never left the old woman's side as she bled out.

The next time was barely a half year later while living in his first foster home. He had awoke with a scream to a very bad dream. Upon clearing his eyes, Finn saw his Granny Green, her apparition beseeching him for unknown purpose. It was not a True Specter but rather a vision born of Finn's own desire and need made manifest by auspice of his mutation. The child had no way of knowing.

Drawn by the lad's cries of terror, so had his foster parents. It was clear to them the child was being haunted and like all good Catholics enlisted the Church's help to protect the boy. It did not go well.

In his second foster home, the foster father had other things in mind past the delicate boy's protection. Finn hid again with similar effect to the day his Gran was lost. This time he didn't bother to stay.

Over the course of the next several years, Finn would run off to larger and larger communities until reaching London, each time caught for a spell. He would stay in whatever foster house, shelter home or detention center that would result… until he didn't.

He quickly learned the ways of the street, where he learned who to trust or at least who to distrust least. As he grew, Finn gained a better understanding of his gifts as well. Determined he must be a mutant (or perhaps a fairy child if one believed in such things. That's surely what his Gran would have thought.)…and so he set to fathom that nature to help survive what Fate had provided. In the discovery process Finn has learned a little occult thought he has no doubts now he is a mutant rather than lost changeling.

Growing up, Finn has made quite the successful little thief as he could slip in and out unseen. Few knew of his abilities, it was a secret worth keeping to those who might use him. Came a day, when one who knew sold the lad's name in a plea bargain. That was not much more then a year ago when young Finn decided the British Isles could suffer one less mutant and lucky Thunder Bay found itself a new menace.

Detective Bransem worked Special Crimes and after several odd cases were made know to her, she caught the boy. While she still hasn't unwoven the full truth of young Tad Carpenter aka Dr. Bertrem Sneed aka Veronica Meadows aka Madame Wu, she did give the unnamed lad a choice. A special prison for metahumans (yes there was a juvenile facility) or a proper schooling at Coral Springs.

Finn allowed his arm to be twisted and here he is. On trial basis.

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