Alessia Cara
Name: Felicia Carlyle
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Ithaca, NY
Age: 17
Aliases: Queen of Detention
Origin: Gifted
Grade: {$grade}
Team: {$team}
Dating: #asexual
Powers and Abilities: Super Strength, Size Change, Invulnerability
Portrayed by: Alessia Cara




IC Events

Felicia's Logs


(2018-10-04) To Sail Against Time
To Sail Against Time Summary: The mission to find and rescue Daxton is underway! He was told to...

(2018-09-17) Such Terrible Hunger
Such Terrible Hunger Summary: Grace loses a battle, it's up to Constantine and Felicia to stop...

(2018-04-26) A Tired Heart
A Tired Heart Summary: Besa rests in the library, and other students (current and former) join...

(2018-04-10) The Hotel
The Hotel Summary: Unit 23 and students help in the securing of the Mandalay Bay Hotel while the...

(2018-03-29) iTunes Tutorial
iTunes Tutorial Summary: Felicia is watching Korean dramas. Loukanos is playing Fortnite. They...

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