Head Mistress

Honey Badger: With the school since its inception, Honey Badger continues to be the driving force behind Coral Springs. Also an active member of the Global League of Decency.


Wild Weald: A champion and defender of all things ecological, Professor Weald holds a doctorate in English Literature as well. A native of Germany, he also doubles as the German language arts teacher.


The Azure Enigma: Mr. Enigma as an expert in quantum mathematics. With his own ability to fold quantum space, a virtual commander of physics, he is the leading authority on math, not only on earth but in this quadrant of the galaxy. He is the only faculty member to never hold a roster spot on the Global League.


Dr. Toby Tullard: Originally a founding member of the Terror Legion, Dr. Tulkard has come full circle to not only aid the Global League but to become a trusted member of Badger's select faculty at Coral Springs. The genius behind the Freeze Potion, which once the stopper is pulled, it spreads out and freezer anything it touches, he is a leading expert in many earth sciences.


Mr Blastic Boombastic Mr Blastic finds teaching the humanities to be a good form of stress relief opposed to his explosive abilities. A personal interest in history that already had him on league with top college professors and a well traveled man, it was a perfect fit for him when Honey Badger realized he was too stressed on a mission with the Global League. A native of Montreal, he speaks French fluently and is the French language arts teacher as well.


Lord Prism: An accident involving unknown chemicals left Lord Prism with the ability to create light structures and hard matter with the touch of his fingers. Virtually out of nothing he can create any object that his hands can reasonably construct. At the time an off-Broadway singer, he has dabbled in the realm of sculpture as well.

Super Physical Ed

Storm Waller: After an abduction by aliens, the Waller was altered into the walking mass of steel muscle that she is today. AKA the General, she strongly believes in a regiment of training and discipline. Despite that she is nigh indestructible,s he still believes that one must train regularly as they cannot always rely on their abilities alone.

Social Studies/Politics/Special Interest

The Spellbinder: Aka Lady Fascinate, her super pheromones coupled with her mystical arts has made her a master in the realm of interactions. With a focus in politics, she picks up the bulk of core courses in social studies as well. Raised in Spain, she doubled as the Spanish language arts teacher.

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