The Scarlette Shipper
Raini Rodriguez
Name: Erma M. Gerd
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: San Diego, California
Age: 14
Aliases: Lady Scarlette DarkRavyne (online alias)
Origin: Magic
Grade: Freshman
Team: Undecided
Powers and Abilities: Reality Manipulation and Control via Writing
Portrayed by: Raini Rodriguez

Coming from a long line of shamans, witches, medicine men, and voodoo practitioners from her mother's side, Erma has strong magic infused in her bloodline - unfortunately she did not become a shaman, a voodoo practitioner, a medicine woman or anything of that sort. Instead she desperately wants to become a writer, a romance novel writer…

IC Events

Though relatively new to the school (Freshman) Erma loves getting into everyone's business. She wants to know who is dating whom, she wants to know the latest gossip about crushes or lover's quarrel, she wants to know everything. The juicier, the better.

OOC Info: She currently also has a blog that features her stories, which include stories about people she knows in fictionalized situations (almost always involving a love story). It is not a famous blog, nor a known one, but she does tend to write about people she knows and encounters, some who may be unwittingly affected by her powers.

OOC Consent

If you wish to be involved in Erma's 'stories' or be affected by her powers, please feel free to contact me! Also OOC consent is and will always be required when it comes to her powers. Even if you wish her to be manipulated into affecting other characters, it will only happen with both player's consent.



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