Name: Erica Warrens
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Unknown
Age: 15
Aliases: None
Origin: Inherited/Alchemy
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Undecided
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Dragongirl Transformation (Winged Flight, Flame Aura, Firebreathing, Regeneration)
Portrayed by: Zendaya

Erica was born with her abilities. She doesn't know this but her mother was someone that had been kidnapped by Dr. Creatus and given the ability to shapeshift into a dragon like creature. Using his alchemy, he modified her unborn child who had had the latent ability to shapeshift into a dragon as well. The modification involved splitting the child's soul into two parts. These two parts are Erica, and Lexi. Erica has no powers at all until the two fuse into one being. Lexi was only visible to Erica until recently when they fused for the first time. Now Lexi rests as a pair of dragon bracelets that wrap around Erica's wrists. When she summons Lexi forth the bracelets vanish and turn into Lexi. A moment later, they fuse together and grants access to their power becoming a humanoid dragon like girl. How much Dr. Creatus was involved in Erica's abilities and what his plans were are unknown. Only he knows and he never talked about it. He currently is incarcerated, though if he ever gets out, he could come for Erica and Lexi.

IC Events

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