Code Name of Character
Johnny Depp
Name: Dwayne Angelica
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Tampa, Florida
Age: 17
Aliases: D, Angel
Origin: Unknown
Grade: Junior
Team: Ares
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Shapeshifting (Super speed and strength in shifted forms), Telekinesis
Portrayed by: Johnny Depp

"It's a basic law of nature. Only the fittest can survive in this world. If you're strong, you live. If you're weak, you die."

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IC Events

None Yet (if you want to wiki-fu a module to list logs, the code can be provided). This is extra writing presently to taste the parameters of this field in relation to the hanging box and see if I write too far that the box might cover up some of this text.



(2016-05-20) Prom Night
Log Title Summary: Log Summary Date: IC Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Related: The Prom Ones NPCs:...

(2016-05-06) Happy Birthday Felicia
Happy Birthday Felicia Summary: Pizza and Ice cream cake Date: 2016.05.06 Related: NA ...

(2016-05-05) Something Happened
Something Happened Summary: Chase doesn't crash a pillar, Tabitha and Kaylee watch on as Dwayne...

(2016-04-28) Washer Woman
Washer Woman Summary: People meet up for some late night laundry. Date: 2016.04.28 Related:...

(2016-04-27) Ridiculous Minions
Ridiculous Minions Summary: Time to watch some movies.. or have conversation, you know, one and...

(2016-04-27) Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild Summary: A brief brief talk, but kinda important one. Date: 2016-04-27 Related:...

(2016-04-27) D-Day for Alex and Mabel
D-Day for Alex and Mabel Summary: Alexandra and Mabel arrive at Coral Springs this is going to...

(2016-04-26) Washtub Symphony
Washtub Symphony Summary: Tabitha attempts to host a fun music night. Attendance is low but fun...

(2016-04-26) Secrets of War and Peace
Secrets of War and Peace Summary: Brenna and Dwayne skip last hour and have a conversation....

(2016-04-25) Stealing War and Peace
Stealing War and Peace Summary: A group of Ares means trouble, right? Date: 2016-04-25 ...

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