Dr. Peter Draxus
Ralph Fiennes
Name: Dr. Peter 'Ares' Draxus
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Intersolar Consortium Creche #424
Age: -1245
Aliases: Peter Bishop
Origin: Genetic design, self-experimentation
Grade: NA
Team: Helix Group
Dating: NA
Powers and Abilities: Biological and technological genius
Portrayed by: Ralph Fiennes

Little to nothing is known about this individual. He is often referred to as a demonic cross between Victor Frankenstein and Genghis Khan. He does not recruit into his army, but rather it is comprised of beings that he designed and grew himself and which are topically indistinguishable from humans. He and his creations are known to be responsible for terrorist acts resulting in over eighty thousand casualties world wide, including nearly twenty-four thousand deaths.

The worst of these was the so called 'Gardens Massacre' in which his soldiers attacked Madison Square Garden and Boston Garden arenas simultaneously in 2009, with chemical weapons when both were hosting capacity events. Nearly all present were killed. Draxus is believed to have been killed shortly afterwards when his primary compound in the South China Sea was attacked and destroyed by unknown forces.

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