Donald Glover
Name: Robert Calvin
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Rochester, NY
Age: 38
Aliases: Known Aliases
Origin: {$origin}
Grade: N/A
Team: N/A
Dating: Lisa Calvin (Wife)
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Mood Altering Pheromones/Pheromone detection/Heightened olfactory senses
Portrayed by: Donald Glover

By releasing certain pheromones Dr. Calvin can alters a person or group of people's moods. He can make angry people calm, calm people angry, depressed people happy, etc. The effect lasts for up to 24 hours after the target smells the pheromones.

He can also gauge a person's mental state by the pheromones they are releasing. He has honed it to such a degree that he can even tell if someone is lying or not.

His sense of smell and taste is very acute. So much so that he can list all the ingredients in a food dish just by smelling and tasting it. Not to mention smell the pheromones given off by people and animals at any given moment.

IC Events

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