This is an Original Themed game and any comparisons to other games, characters, themes either real or imagined is purely coincidental. These will be corrected if brought to the attention of the staff. We do not want copies of feature characters from comics, other games, or elsewhere.

We are oriented on teen super hero play. We are not recreating Young Justice League or Xavier's classes or Future Foundation. We are not following the trend of new comic characters, borrowing old concepts and making them more powerful. Our characters will start less powerful than most comic character, suitable for teen play and growth.

We have a game system (FS3), but we are not a game. Game implies playing by and adhering to the rules of the system. Players are welcome to use and abide by the rules, we are using these for some determination of success and, more directly, as a guideline to express a characters potential abilities. We are creating stories of mutual interest in a collaborative environment, we are merely for entertainment purposes only.

Our focus is super heroes, not solo heroes. We are not looking for mavericks and lone wolves. Iron Man, Wolverine, Batman and Superman do rely on others but more often than not stand alone and are used to help sales of other comics at times. If you want to the star of the team, this is not the place for you. We are looking for those willing to work with others collaboratively. There will be time for each member to shine, but the strength of a team player is in working to help others have their moments of RP sparkle.

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