Wang Luodan
Name: Zhang Dianli
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: China, Guizhou
Age: 17
Aliases: Dianne Zhang
Origin: Born to Powers
Grade: Junior
Team: Undecided
Dating: Nolan Keene
Powers and Abilities: Electrical Generation and Control
Portrayed by: Wang Luodan

Zhang Dianli was born in Guizhou province, China. Abandoned at birth to one of the government-run adoption agencies for the high crime of being female, she was destined to live a life of desperate childhood poverty followed by an unwanted married life of desperate adult poverty. That was her likely future until…

It started off small. Little blue sparks, initially blamed on her woolen blanket somehow charging up her hair or skin or clothes or something and discharging when she touched … pretty much anything.

A visiting state physician put an end to the uneducated guesswork of the orphanage and simultaneously put an end to Dianli's life's trajectory. He recognized that Dianli, far from being the bystander in the electrical effects was their cause. Somehow or other she was able to generate electricity.

The state-run institution did what any proper state-run institution in China would do: they tried to find a way to capitalize on her newfound abilities to get money. Dianli was put on a crash course in various performance arts and had a huge team of specialists studying her abilities with an eye toward harnessing them. She started as a small local sensation to a county-wide one to a provincial one to a national star, showing off her talents on live television by the age of eleven.

That's when the disaster struck.

IC Events




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