Jesse McCartney
Name: Sebastian Troy Lehmann
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Lantern Hill, CA
Age: 16
Aliases: Troy
Origin: Radioactive Gecko
Grade: Junior
Team: Ares
Dating: :(
Powers and Abilities: Does whatever a Gecko can
Portrayed by: Jesse McCartney

Late of Lantern Hill, California, Sebastian Troy Lehmann came from a long line of naval and marine officers. His dad Jack was recently promoted to be the captain of the missile cruiser, USS Lake Erie; his mom Carrie-Ann is a socialite homemaker, and his older brother Don has just graduated from Annapolis as a Marine lieutenant. For his part, Sebastian has always resisted following the family tradition, and has done much to sabotage his own chances of being accepted into Annapolis by slacking off in school. Although he is quite the natural athlete and is even on the school football team, he deliberately held back and was known more as a benchwarmer than a talented player on the field.

Unfortunately Sebastian's plans were dashed when he went to attend Don's graduation ceremony at Annapolis; while there he went on a tour with his father to a naval installation, and was accidentally bitten by a radioactive gecko. A short coma later, he woke up to find himself in a naval hospital, and that he has somehow gained the powers of… an irradiated gecko!

His father pulled some strings and the Navy arranged for Sebastian to transfer to a new school — Coral Springs — and he didn't even have a chance to say goodbye to his family and friends back home, not the least of whom was his girlfriend whom he just got to date! Talk about crummy timing.

IC Events

Death by Sheet of paper - a crime thriller
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DCI Doris MacDonald is a prodigy and courageous insurance broker with a fondness for bird watching. She doesn't know it yet but she is the only one who can stop the snooty killer. When her nephew, Charles Ellwand, is kidnapped, DCI MacDonald finds herself thrown into the centre of the investigation. His only clue is a tattered radio. She enlists the help of a witty dental nurse called Mathias Thornton.

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