(2019-04-26) Wings of the Light Hawk (or not)
Wings of the Light Hawk (or not)
Summary: Kaylee’s trying to learn to fly. Syd and Sierra are kibitzing.
Date: 2019.04.26
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Back Field
The back field hasn't seen much use yet. Clearly it will in the future, but at the moment it is a large meadow with tall grass, overgrown shrubs and wildflowers blooming in it during the spring and summer.


Back Field Coral Springs
Fri Apr 26 21:15:14, 2019 — Fri Apr 26 18:15:14 2019

The back field hasn't seen much use yet. Clearly it will in the future, but at the moment it is a large meadow with tall grass, overgrown shrubs and wildflowers blooming in it during the spring and summer.

It is a spring night. The weather is warm and sunny.

This is the last weekend of the last spring break of a particular Coral Springs senior, so she took the friends who'd spent the week at her house with her out for a movie before returning to campus. Which may or may not have been a good idea, as it has gotten Kaylee INCREDIBLY wound up. As soon as they'd gotten back to the island, Kaylee had dashed back to her dorm room to drop off her bags and change clothes. She just HAD to try, now!

About fifteen minutes later, there's a brightly glowing Kaylee out in the back fields, doing her best Captain Marvel impression, holding her hands down to her sides, palms flexed out. Flight test number one! Bending at her knees, Kaylee jumps into the air and then fires photon beams from her hands, which successfully push her up several more feet into the air. Unfortunately? They don't KEEP her up there, as the beams dissipate and Kaylee drops back down to the ground, landing with an oof and rolling into a crouch.
Sydney cringes a little, having followed Kaylee out, having an idea what she's up to from the movie (which she hasn't seen ICly, so no spoilers. :) Still, the landing looks successful. "Is that going to start a fire?" she asks evenly.
<FS3> Bryce rolls Astral Projection: Success.

Bryce was one of the few who stayed around during the Spring Break. He didn't have any family he could either safely or easily visit so just sticking around campus was good. He worked extra hours in the campus store as well as spent some time reading, of course. It was also a good chance to work on some of his newer abilities and try to figure out how they could be of use for anything else but curiosities. It is Bryce's astral form that is near the field when Kaylee tries her flight. His astral form moves along the ground without really walking but not really flying either. The edges of his form are a bit indistinct. He waves as he approaches Sydney and Kaylee. "Are you alright?"

<FS3> Sierra rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Sierra watches too as Kaylee goes up-diddy-up-up and then down-diddy-down-down. She does her best not to giggle but it's hard. The Latina dressed in denim shorts and a t-shirt that reads 'Coachella Banned Me' - she's been on a road trip. "I don't think it will start a fire" she asides to Sydney. "It doesn't look like it's going to help her fly either. Do you think she was trying to fly or trying to figure out how to cheat in basketball? Oh, hey, Bryce." Her eyes narrow at the ghostly form before glancing to Sydney. "Did your boyfriend become a ghost?"

"No, no fire!" Kaylee calls back to Sydney as she stands up and dusts her pants off. She resettles herself and looks just about ready to try it again when Bryce's voice is heard. "Oh gosh!" she exclaims, jumping back and raising her hands defensively as Bryce startles her bunches. "… Bryce? … is that you? Where ARE you?" she asks, her head sweeping around, even if she's not wearing her glasses and isn't actually 'looking' at anything at the moment.

Sydney looks over at Bryce and walks over to the apparition of him. "Hi sweety. This is probably saving you from a very public kiss, so… it's good to see you." Syd grins. She's had a good break. It's hard to be moody around little miss Kaylee Sunshine and her family. She waves at Sierra. "He's a very friendly ghost…"

"A ghost?" Bryce says, "No, I, I don't think so. Oh, this is my … what?" he says shifting directions without really turning to look at Sydney. Then, realizing what she said about he kiss, almost makes the astral project blush. "Oh, .. uh, yes. I'm glad you are back. Did you, did you have a good trip?" He seems to be stammering less though whether it is a by product of the astral projection or being more comfortable is hard to distinguish. The form shifts back to Sierra, "I got distracted, sorry, it happens, well, a lot actually. No, this is a new ability, well, not so much a new ability as I used when before without realizing it when I was in … in … " he pauses. "Not in a good state." He doesn't want to admit to anyone about his coma when he was a child though a few already know. "Ah, perhaps that is why Kaylee is having trouble perceiving me." He slides over in front of her. "Yes, I am separated part of myself to appear physically in the world in a place where I am not currently physically present with my body. It might be causing you some visual concerns. My, my apologies."

Sierra grins at Sydney. "I bet he's /very/ friendly." Yes, there is even a wiggle of eyebrows at that. "How was your week away with Rainbow Brite? You really should have come to Coachella with me. I might not have been thrown out with someone mature by my side." A nod to Bryce. "New abilities? Cool. My rider has been teaching me some new spells. I'm slowly getting the hang of them but not sure why since Saoirse wants me to give up the heroic life. Kaylee, what are you trying to do?"

Kaylee blinks, eyes unfocused even as Bryce moves directly in front of her. "… oh. So … you're not really here?" Kaylee asks him, her brow furrowing in confusion. "Well … I mean, I guess if you're NOT here, then there's nothing for the photons to bounce off of, which would explain why I can't pick you up at all. … … … you don't do this to go peeping, do you?" Because what other reason would a teenage boy have for developing the ability to go places and see things without ever being seen at all? But, the talk of SeeSee wanting Sierra to give up the hero life? This causes Kaylee to turn in Sierra's direction.

"REALLY? SeeSee doesn't want to be a hero? … what does SHE want to do?" Kaylee asks, surprised. And, when asked what she's doing, Kaylee will grin. "I'm trying to figure out how Captain Marvel could fly using photons!"

You say, "You'd know if Bryce was peeping because you'd find him in the morning with his brain melted. C'mon. Bryce is a gentleman. Sometimes way too much. And yeah, the movies make Iron Man style flying from hand jets look easy… Can you make your photon blasts come out of your feet instead? Maybe… take off your shoes first?""

The astral form of Bryce flickers a bit when the issue of peeping comes up. "Peeping? Why would someone peep - oh….oh, my. Wait, do you," the form shifts again without moving. The nervous rising in Bryce's projected voice. "Does, does she think that, I mean, I wouldn't, I couldn't, well, technically ability-wise I could but on many other levels, I couldn't. I'm just trying to control another aspect of my powers in the offset hope that if I can control and manage my powers better, then I can mitigate the negative effects that they have on - who is Captain Marvel? I don't know of anyone on staff with such a moniker or designation. Flying with photons?"

"Calm down, Bryce, no one thinks you're peeping. Though it sounds like Sydney would like you to do a little more" Sierra smirks. "Kaylee, why don't you fly like you would, not how Captain Marvel does. Don't worry, Bryce, she's from a movie. And in movies, people can make up any shit, without having to make it work in real life." Sierra rises from the ground, using her powers to heat the air around her to give lift and lighten herself. "I can fly in my own way" she giggles before shrugging about her fiance. "Saoirse wants us to have a normal life eating marshmallows in a cottage in Ireland."

"Well, you never know, Sydney! Boys can get pretty bad!" Kaylee says, folding her arms across her chest. She pauses, though, then smirks and shrugs. "But, I guess girls can, too, so I guess I can't have a double standard or anything. Just make sure you're behaving when you're walking around all invisible and stuff!" Kaylee admonishes, clearly not listening to what Sydney or Bryce are saying about it.

Unfolding her arms, Kaylee shrugs again and puts her hands back down with the palms flexed out again. "Doesn't matter what I'm wearing, the photons will collect where ever I tell them to," she explains to Sydney. At Sierra's suggestion, Kaylee sticks her tongue out at the girl. "I don't HAVE a way to fly! That's what I'm working on!" she quips, smiling. Then, she squats again, preparing. "Three, two, one … blast off!"

Sydney watches Kaylee take off like a Saturn V, and finds herself humming the MTV theme. "Well… that worked… don't go too high…" She mutters "Probably good. My next suggestion was going to be make them come from your center of mass, but that'd be… rude…"

Bryce was about to reply to Sierra when Kaylee starts talking about double standards. "But I'm not … " invisible he was going to say, but he feels like she is in lecture mode. She doesn't seem to listen too well when she is in lecture mode so he just grows quiet. When she takes off, he gets worried and the astral form fades from sight.

<FS3> Bryce rolls Psychic Construct: Failure.
<FS3> Sierra rolls Reaction+Flame Flying: Success.

And there goes the next star in the firmament as Kaylee shoots up into the sky. "Oh crap" Sierra mutters to herself while watching the virgin flyer rocketing away. "I better get after her" she informs the landbound. "She doesn't have any idea how to stop or control her flight. Do you think we should let the U.S. air defences know?" Sierra streaks off after Kaylee, though she is substantially slower.

Well. THAT was unexpected! There's a shriek of … well … it's not necessarily terror, but it's also not elation. Kaylee shoots up over twenty feet into the air, at which point the lift stops and the falling begins. Kaylee makes a valiant effort to keep going up, up, and away by shooting more beams. Unfortunately, the beams are firing into thin air and with nothing to PUSH against, they do very little to keep her aloft. So, instead she starts falling and flailing.
Thankfully? Kaylee's a senior and has had literally YEARS of practice at using her powers, so coming up with a solution to her rapid descent doesn't take her long. She stops flailing and instead holds her hands out. Suddenly, a flat panel of light appears below her and slopes softly back towards her friends. She tucks, her shoulder hitting the light panel first, and then she slides back towards the group safely. "Aww, were you coming to rescue me, Sierra?" she asks as she slides past the Latina.

Sydney jogs a few steps toward Kaylee's probably impact crater, then Sierra heads skyward to rescue her… and then Kaylee rescues herself. Syd chuckles nervously, watching the two lights in the sky. "Kaylee… if you can do that with light, for pete's sake make yourself a lifting body. And a propeller or flappy wings or some…thing…" Syd squints, thinking, and says more softly… "now… how big would my wings have to be… and how can I make a jet engine…

And in comes Bryce in his actual body this time; however, he is flying through on his 'magic carpet' using a pyshic platform which he then flies through the air. As Kaylee land safely, Bryce slows his flight down to his regular speed and looks quite relieved. He slowly lowers that platform down towards the ground though he doens't get off of it. It hovers about at waist height. "I'm, I'm glad you are, uh, o-okay. I was, well, worried."

"No, I wasn't coming to rescue you" Sierra sniffs defenisvely at the sliding Kaylee. "I…I was just going to make sure you didn't land on anyone. That's all." The Latina lowers herself back to the ground, looking a bit ashamed at appearing caring and responsible. "Hey, Bryce. Nice to see you in the flesh again." A grin for Sydney. "We gonna have that kiss now? Umm…with Bryce, not with me." No need to bring that trouble up again.

As Kaylee returns to the ground, she smiles brightly and holds up a peace sign. "I'm okay! Really! Just because I don't have any idea what I'm doing doesn't mean I'm being wreckless about it!" … we'll just let that one sink in for a second. The slide dissipates almost immediately after Kaylee touches back down to the ground. She dusts her hands off, then folds her fingers together and stretches her arms up waaaaaaay over her head, then leans over to either side. "And Fee's the ones with wings of light. I wouldn't wanna copy," she responds to Sydney with a wink. "Not to mention, there's no way I could make wings flap or anything. It's not like my light objects are made to be moved like that, and they're definitely not strong enough to provide any kind of 'lift' or anything, like actual wings. … though it would be pretty cool if they could!"
When Sierra comes back down, Kaylee will snicker and move over to try and wrap Sierra in a big hug. "Awww! You were WORRIED about me! You're SO SWEEEET!" she'll tease the girl. But only for a minute, before she relents and will just giggle about it instead.

Sydney snickers at Sierra and Kaylee, then looks over to Bryce. "You… planning to land, or should I join you up there?"

Bryce nods as Kaylee says that she is safe and wasn't being reckless. "Well, when I, you shot off in a seemingly uncontrolled vector at which point - " he finally just stops himself and nods at her. "Oh, th-thank you, Sierra." He turns to look at Sydney and says, "Well, I was about to, to head back to the dorms, but you know you are, are always welcome."

Oh good…a Kaylee hug. Sierra grins and bears it because she is obviously going for sainthood this year. The some foot shuffling and glancing away to confirm the cool reputation that comes with not caring. Besides, there is Bryce and Sydney to tease. "Syd, if you want to go back to the dorms with Bryce, you go ahead. I mean, we're not allowed to have people in our rooms overnight…" As Kaylee may point out. "But I won't tell if you don't."

Kaylee frowns at Sierra's suggestion, making a sour face at the girl. "I'm a captain. You wouldn't need to tell, I'd already know," she states. "But, it would be very kind of Bryce to give you a ride back TO the dorms, if that's where you're headed. I'm going to stay out here and try for a while longer," Kaylee offers.

Sydney pfffts. "That's what the laundry room is for. Duh." She does reach up to try and pull Bryce into a quick hug and a lingering kiss. She did miss the boy. "Catch you soon."

Captain Kaylee. Sierra just shakes her head at how that came about and she has no title whatsoever. Okay, probably for the best for the school, but Sierra's more responsible now. Honest. "The laundry room? I guess you have the washing machines if it doesn't completely work out" she grins before watching the kiss. That brings a sigh from the Latina - it's been too long since she has seen her fiance. "Don't use your powers to push off the ground, Kaylee, that means you're just jumping. You need to figure out how to use the photons to power through the air itself."

Kaylee just smirks and snickers when Sydney and Bryce kiss. Because she's 12, really. She whispers to Sierra, because Sierra will get it, "Boy cooties!" Then she snickers some more. Once the attention is returned to her attempt to fly, though, she blinks a little, then her brow furrows in a great deal of confusion. "So … like … you SAY that, but … how would I DO it?"

Sydney ponders that. "Try… throwing a photon blast out your hand out to sea and see if it kicks? If it does… there's your thrust?

Sierra sighs as Kaylee gets all logical on her. "I dunno. You know your powers more than me. For me, it's just about heating up and wanting to go forward, or sideways, or whatever. All in the mind and my body just does what I tell it to do. Think it to." She points to Sydney. "Syd's idea might work."

<FS3> Kaylee rolls Energy: Great Success.

Kaylee holds up her hands, letting them both glow very brightly. Then, she claps them together and fires a beam of light out at the water, where it impacts with a huge SPLOOSH! Big enough that … it might raise eyebrows. Because she's a LONG way from the water, and that was a pretty big boom. Just how powerful IS Kaylee? The fact that she just giggles and smiles afterwards might distract from such thoughts, though, as she shakes her head. "Yeah, see? Nothing. There's no … um … what's that called? RECOIL! No recoil, when I shoot my beams. The only actual force is on impact with stuff. That's my problem, right now. All I can do is shove myself off the ground, I can't ACTUALLY fly. Like, at all."

Sydney hmms some more. "There should be… I mean photons have some mass, don't they?" Uhoh. Physics. Also, Syd’s wrong and doesn’t know it. She ponders. "Can you form a light structure and then heat the air in it? I mean… make a simple jet engine that way…

"Maybe you can use that energy on the thing in front of you to part the air so you can travel through it? I mean, like create a vacuum ahead of you with no resistance whatsoever, so when you jump, you just keep going until you stop. I dunno. Computers are my thing, not physics. What Sydney is talking about is probably what I do" Sierra suggests. "But, you know, I also have a God inside me that does magic. It probably doesn't care about scientific laws."

Kaylee shakes her head at Sydney's suggestion. "I can't do heat at all. That's why my beams aren't lasers. I can only do the visible spectrum of light, and I can't do any of it intensely enough to create a laser or to heat stuff up," she explains. Then she snickers at Sierra's predicament. "Yeah … darn those pesky magical dieties," she quips. "And no, I can't 'part the air' with any of my powers, I don't think. I don't have anything to DO that with."

Sydney shrugs. "Well, there's always "have the friendly brick throw me like a javalin… um… how many Gs can you take, anyway? What kind of defense do you have? Phasers for offense, I get it… but I really have to wonder how your powers actually work

The thought of Sydney throwing Kaylee through the air has Sierra giggling. There have been many times over the years that she would have loved to have seen Kaylee being hurled like that. But they're better friends now. Time wears down the sharp edges. "We could always try a different approach" she suggests. "How about not bothering to fly? Be yourself. You can do plenty without needing to do that as well."

"Oh. My. Gosh. Haven't you SEEN Captain Marvel? She's like, the most fantastic thing EVER!" Kaylee says, gawking at Sierra and her suggestion that she NOT fly through the air like a crime fighting comet. "She's using photons to do all of her blasts and stuff. I just figure, if she's got the same powers, or if mine are even close to what they show hers as in the movie …." Kaylee trails off, grinning.

Sydney just smiles enigmatically. "Hey Kaylee, can you change the color of your blasts? I'm thinking like going down into infra-red… or is it strictly visible only?

"Kaylee…it's a movie. They don't have to make sense. They just need to pick something and decided on photons. The could have made her power based on electrons and she would do exactly the same things, because it is a movie. You're not Captain Marvel, you're Captain Kaylee" pleads Sierra before leaving Sydney to work on the technical aspects. "Would infra-red make her fly?"
You say, "Low enough frequency, Infra-red is heat. Could be a whole aspect to her powers she hasn't considered."

Kaylee shaies her head. "No, like I said, visible only. Roy G Biv," she says, clapping her hands together and spreading them apart once more, demonstrating said rainbow. "It's the same with my vision. My whole thing is the fact that my body detects and can absorb protons."

You say, "Heat's carried by photons too." Syd shrugs. "I dunno. I know my powers have idiosyncratic rules too. I know some of them are how I work, but a lot of them are just me. Like… I'm human shaped, I can't see radio waves, I only have two eyes… some of those rules I can bend. Some I can ignore. Some of them give me the willies when I don’t obey them." Sydney ponders, then adds. "What if you bounced the blast off something and used it to blast yourself?

"I don't do rules" Sierra notes with a sly smile. "There's a theory in that the only reason everyone can't do anything is because we convince ourselves of 'rules'. Like, if you didn't believe in gravity, you would float because it doesn't really exist, it only exists because we think it does. A sort of mass-delusion. But, you know, there are also theories that the earth is on the back of four elephants standing on an infinite number of turtles. Syd, you want to share a joint?"

Kaylee blinks and then shrugs at Sydney. "Then I'd be trying to knock myself over? I mean, it'd be even less effective than just using the beams to push me off of the ground, because I've never actually tried to BOUNCE them off of anything." And then Sierra talks about something that's just plain weird and Kaylee looks confused. … aaaaand then very grumpy. "Ugh! GOSH, Sierra! Didn't we JUST get done talking about how I'm a Captain so Bryce and Sydney couldn't spend the night in their room together? Now I've gotta go and write you up," she says, one hand reaching up to rub her forehead.

Sydney just… closes her mouth. She doesn't want to get Sierra in trouble, she doesn't want to disappoint Kaylee, and she definitely doesn't want to get written up. She lets the seniors sort this one out for themselves.

"What? Sydney and I can't share a joint of beef that I cooked up for dinner?" Sierra pouts at Kaylee. "Sheesh, Kaylee, you really have to stop looking for the worst in people. A captain should be better than that. So, Sydney, want to share a joint…of beef." Though the Latina does also wink to the metal girl.

Kaylee's frown grows worse and her brow furrows. "I'm NOT an idiot, Sierra. And if you're trying to be funny … it isn't. It'll take me a little bit to write up the report. I dunno if they'll search your room right away or what, but … you know the rules." She sighs and turns back towards the dorms. "You know, just because YOU don't do rules doesn't mean you should encourage others to follow your lead. Especially when they're afraid of the consequences." And then Kaylee starts off towards the dorms to being to write her report.

Sydney blinks as Kaylee basically warns Sierra to get rid of whatever she has before a search can go down. She watches the two seniors curiously, trying to understand their dynamic. Frenemies? Friends? Is there a crush? Syd wonders.

Sierra watches Kaylee leave, a frustrated pout on her face before she looks to Sydney. "That girl is going to fail in the real world in a big way. Looks like we better smoke them while we got them. Unless you're not into that, then I better hide them while I've got them. Was she this exciting over Spring Break?"

Sydney leans against Sierra gently. "She was great during spring break. Her whole family is great. I felt like something the cat dragged in a lot, but… they treated me nicely.

"Does that make Kaylee the cat?" Sierra asks with a snort of amusement before giving Sydney a hug. "Don't be like that. You're awesome. Kaylee was…great? You know, every time I think she's becoming human, she pulls a stunt with the rules. One day, she is going to be a benevolent fascist unless we can stop her." She's only half joking. "You doing okay, Syd?"

Sydney nods. "Yeah, I'm ok. I just… it's like that was the life I was supposed to have, and I never knew it until then. I mean fuck, her parents tucked me in. I don't think she'll be a benevolent fascist. I think she might be used by one.”

"They had a bed that could hold you? I guess it's a whole bunch of superheroes there" Sierra muses before studying her friend. "You still could have that life. You're what, sixteen now? It's not too late. And you're probably right. It wouldn't be hard to convince Kaylee to do the 'right' thing…even if that means thousands dead. Hey, my parents would love to adopt you if you wanted a family. A really big family."

Sydney laughs softly, then ponders. "Seriously? They would? And I turn sixteen in November. Legally.

"Of course they would. There is no limit to the love we have…or the family members we have" Sierra grins. "If you want me to ask them, I'll do it. We could be sisters. But with less fighting."

Sydney runs her hand through her hair. "Would that even… make me a citizen in the U.S.?" She thinks about it. "It's not a bad idea…if it wouldn't screw me… I mean I'd have to meet them and all that…

"You're already a citizen in the U.S., aren't you? Mexico is much better anyway. But we can look into the legalities of all that. And I can fly you down to meet them whenever you want. I'm sure we'd have some relatives in the U.S. too if that would work better. I think you deserve a family, Syd" Sierra smiles. "And if you need to, you could always marry Bryce and get citizenship through him."

Sydney laughs gently. "Marry Bryce? Whoa… you're getting way, way ahead of me. Talk about your inlaws from hell… his dad is a piece of work."

"Marriage is a big step" Sierra nods in agreement. "But worth it when you find the right person. You've already met his father? That's a big step too" she winks. "Though it sounds like he is not a nice man."

Sydney shakes her head. "Haven't met him. I did promise not to grease him unless he attacks me or something." Syd sighs a little. "Bryce is way more complicated than you'd think.

"Who wants a straightforward partner?" Sierra giggles before getting a little more serious. "He did things to Bryce? Still in his life? I probably shouldn't get too nosey. Not until we're sisters at least." She jerks her thumb towards the school. "Want to help me hide my joints?"

Sydney nods. "This once, yeah. I know a place where nobody can find them without an MRI scanner. At least. Same place I hide my earrings when I'm fighting."

"Inside you?" Sierra asks with a slight look of worry. "C'mon, I'll fly us back so you can see what it is like." She takes Sydney's hand and then generates her heat around them both, lifting the metal girl off the ground. At least it will be a short trip.

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