(2018-06-26) Rust
Summary: Syd runs into Saoirse in the girls floor restroom/showers. They talk. Sierra comes up again.
Date: 2018.06.26
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Girl's Wing
A long hallway with a large curtained window at the end. Carpet runs the length of it. There are a number of doors on each side leading to bedrooms. Between the doors and wall sconces that give just enough light to see by.


Sydney is, in fact, in the ladies room when Sao catches up to her. She's showered, and is now carefully applying Scotch-Brite to her skin to remove all the rust spots. She yawns slightly, looking under her chin, checking her armpits, any place moisture likes to collect. She has a towel wrapped around her waist for modesty purposes, but the one she had around her torso is on the counter, since she's working on that part.

Saoirse floats on in to the bathroom, waving "Hi Sydney!" She was out playing worm-hero for a while, that's where after it rains you go out and pour water on the dying worms on pavement, and place them into the dirt. SHe's changed, into a comfy cropped sleeveless shirt and a pair of thin gray sweats (https://i.pinimg.com/736x/d5/7a/b1/d57ab175dfdc16e0ce8de142d0eec137.jpg). She has no problem disrobing, tossing the shirt off, then pants, and before you know she's completely nude turning on the water to the shower, putting her clothes and toiletries bag on a counter. "Did you need help?" she asks floating over, leaning to peer at the under-arm up close and personal.

Sydney 's armpit is completely bare, except the rusty spot Syd's currently polishing out. She glances at Saoirse, then looks back at herself in the mirror, as though thinking it over. She then holds the Scotch-Brite pad out to Sao. "If you could get right between my shoulder blades so I don't have to make like I'm in The Exorcist, I'd really appreciate it." She looks Saoirse over, curiously. "None of your cybernetics show."

Saoirse takes the pad nodding. She glances down at her body nodding "Ah'm nae' really a cybernetic, mae' sister is though! Ah'm human, and machine, and th' two meld. Not in a way where it's meant to be functionally better, but in th' way where they meld together to support one another. Ah' can hook up to other things, but ah'm functionally a people!" She giggles a little "Okay, ah' need tae' anchor maeself…hmmn." She looks about, then shrugs. Slipping behind her back, she wraps her legs around her hips, essentially 'sitting' on her rear, and reaches over to scrub with strength stronger than someone putting all thier strength, looking quite simple and without much effort. Her tongue slips out the side of her mouth as she asks "Is that too rough?"

Sydney blinks as Sao climbs aboard. It's not that Sao weighs enough to make much difference, Syd's just surprised. She laughs a little. "Easy, easy, it's just surface rust. It comes off easy enough, it's just hard to reach. She shakes her head and chuckles a little sadly. "Sierra comes in now, she's really going to get the wrong impression."

Saoirse move around to work between the shoulder blades lighter this time. "You think so? What is she going to think? We're just here to shower. I'm kinda stinky, I've been out saving the worms. They dont know any better, can't help themselves. They wiggle out, but dry out on the pavement after a rain. I like to save them, by hydrating them and putting them back on the dirt. Because.." she holds up her free hand "I'm a hero!"

Sydney nods. If Syd were a cat, she'd purr right now, from her expression. "Mmm… There ya go. You totally are a hero." She sighs, thinking about the first question. "I don't know. It's a touchy situation right now. I talked to her about what you said. She's worried." It's hard to stay angsty in this position, with her back being scrubbed like this. She sighs again, relaxing. "Worms wriggle out of the ground in the rain so they don't drown."

Saoirse nods "Oh, do they? Well I didn't know that! They get lost and wiggle onto the concrete and stuff. That's why I've been saving them!" She continues to scrub for a bit, making sure to get any possible rust. "I don't know. Ah' think she has reason to worry. Because..she kissed yae. And..she was involved with me. She made a conscious choice, and her choice had repercussions. The more Ah' think about it, the more ah' think that..well. Ah' deserve tae' be treated better than that." She kicks off Sydney's hips, being light as a feather, the scrubby left on Sydney's head as she heads into the shower stall, leaving the stall open so they can still talk. Settling onto the ground, she shakes her head into the water to get her hair wet. "Op! Ah forgot mae' shampoo and soap, can yae' get the bottles for mae?"

Sydney leaves the Scotch-brite on her head and gets into Sao's things, fishing out the shampoo and the soap. She reaches them in. "You do deserve to be treated better than that. I'm just… I kind of believe that if she's trying to change to be with you… it wasn't much of an infraction. One kiss, for curiosity and sympathy's sake… We agreed it couldn't mean anything because she was taken."

Saoirse reaches out so Sydney doesn't have to get wet, putting them on the shelf. She begins soaping herself up with the body gel. "Well..it does mean a lot. But we just started out, and she kissed another girl. She doesn't seem that serious, and it does mean a lot. Because it shouldn't have happened. Just because you make an agreement doesn't mean it doesn't happen. You kissed me because of that kiss. It changed feelings in you, it changed feelings between us. Now you have a crush on me? If you did before then it's possibly intensified. Things wouldnt be in this state if she was faithful to me and didn't kiss another girl like that. She knew better and made a choice to do it."

Sydney draws her arm back out and dries it off, then gets busy with the mineral oil, starting in her scalp and working downward. "And there's no room for making mistakes in there? Because people do. All the time. Some of us more than others."

Saoirse frowns softly, and begins soaping up her hair. It's going to take a while. "I'm also hurt. The question is how do ah' feel? Am ah' able to continue? She kissed a girl after spending the night with mae. We had been kissing. Maybe ah'm just nae' enough for her. Maybe she's very self destructive. Whatever it is that she needs ah' dont seem tae' be able tae' offer to her."

Sydney reaches back into the shower now that her arm is oiled and a little more water-resistant. She pats Sao's shoulder. "Or maybe…it's scary when you start getting close to someone. People do dumb-ass things when they're scared. Or maybe…after losing the last two or three girlfriends, including one who was dragged away in the middle of the night… I don't even know what that does to you. I can't even imagine.

Saoirse closes her eyes and begins teasing out her hair. "I cant imagine wha' she feels. AH' dont pretend tae' know her pain, but the behavior isn't something ah'm going tae' put up with. Maybe she's not ready tae' be a couple. Yae've kissed more people than anyone ah' know, where does yae' heart take you to? You know she's open if we're nae' together.."

You say, "I've kissed three people. Total. Since I got here. Four since I went metal." She draws her arm back out of the shower. "Where does my heart take me to? How would I know? And what kind of thing to say is that? I'm your friend. I do something dumb and break you and her up, and you think I'll just swoop in and take her? What would you think of me? Heaven knows I wouldn't get any forgiveness from you." Syd dries her arm off and dumps her things back in her shower bucket."

Saoirse finishes with her head, opening her eyes. "Wow, four people! That's huge! That's 2 more than me! And..well, if you two hit it off, it would be good to know you would be there for one another, both would be taken care of if I wasn't able to do so." Washing the soap from her body she steps out after and takes a towel, rubbing at her body to get it dry. "Ah' dont think any less o' yae or her. It's kind o' lonely here, so it is nice tae' have the idea you have someone. Plushies only get yae' so far. If Sierra kissed another girl nae' even 24 hours after we became a couple then..how could ah' have endeared mae'self to her heart?"

Sydney looks at Saoirse sadly as she wraps herself in both towels. "Because it's more than just kissing someone? I mean… I kissed you. That didn't cause any endearing."

Saoirse shakes her head "It caused chaos, and chaos within you. The kiss previous had repercussions.". She thinks for a moment, rubbing the towel on her head standing there in her naked splendor. "I am beautiful the way I am. and i deserve to be treated well. I deserve to be respected and i deserve to be loved. because I am an awesome person amd its what i deserve."

Sydney looks down and picks up her bucket. "Whereas I'm happy if nobody beats me up. In anger, anyway." She takes a slow breath. "You do what you think is right. You're probably way healthier than I am." She turns to go to the door.

Saoirse moves over to hug Sydney from behind snugly. "If someone is threatening you ir hitting you tell me and ill make it stop". By…telling her sister probably

Sydney is hugged, and looks surprised by it. She looks over her shoulder at Sao, and gently, slowly tilts her head back to touch Sao's shoulder. "Thanks. I learned to hit back. And I'm good at it. Nobody threatens me anymore. But the scars are still there. I don't like to judge people. Been judged too much. I don't like to hurt people. Been hurt too much. And I don't want the two of you to break up because…I'd have hurt two people I call my friends, because I was stupid and curious and had a crush on both of you."

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