Logan Lerman
Name: Daxton Gero Jones
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: 18
Aliases: TEMPO
Origin: Military Research
Grade: {$grade}
Team: Unit 23
Dating: Callisto
Powers and Abilities: Speedster
Portrayed by: Logan Lerman

"Time is bunk." Douglas Adams

Character Info

Daxton was the oldest of three siblings. Normal, happy for the most part. His parents fought, but nothing that the kids had to worry about.

He liked comic books, playing video games and his sorta girlfriend Jill. Nothing special in his own mind. He did mess around with some of his friends, having the start of a decent base for some parkour skills. But nothing extraordinary, in fact he broke his arm in middle school trying to do a stunt. In that time he ended up joining the photography club, much to his father's chagrin.

Dax's mother was a nurse in the army, his father a sergeant. Being an army brat his whole life, Daxton got used to moving around. He enjoyed that part, but not actually the military aspect of his parents lives. His mother understood, his father didn't. He joined ROTC his freshman year, well….he was told he was going to, and not wanting to fight his father, Daxton showed up. That's the last thing the boy remembers before the flashes and pain and screams, although he's unsure if they were his own or someone else's.

Daxton was 'recruited' after his father suggested his name to a special unit commander that happened to be stationed at the same location as the Jones. After a small observation time, Dax was pulled from his life. His mother told nothing, beyond her eldest was missing. His father though, was told his son was now furthering the nations safety, to be proud. He was at first, but now…listening to his wife's tears each night, now he questions his decision.

He was injected and experimented on. Not the first, most likely not the last. He had a unit he called family. His memories blocked by the drugs they fed into the newly designed soldiers to keep them obedient. His perceptions of time had been altered, along with his ability to move through it. He can step through the space between moments, forward never backward. But it comes with a cost.

The special unit, which later becomes debunked as never actually having been part of the military, has rigged it's experiments when not active, to fall into a fugue state. Leave them in a room without some kind of stimuli (usually a clock to keep the sense of time) and they become lost. He was shaken out of his own Fugue state, strapped to a bed when he was found. . Around his neck is a dog tag with a set of numbers who's meaning is currently unknown, and the word TEMPO.

He remembers nothing of the two years he lost, although he gets flashes (Sometimes whole nightmares), unsettling flashes of terrible things. He has a worry that there's more people, like him. Trapped. Being forced to do horrible things.

Now that Daxton is free, the teen always has an old fashion wind up watch on.

Constantly moving, if restrained to the point he can't move, Daxton will become irrationally violent. It's most likely a fear of the Fugue setting in. Part of his anxiety is feed by the fact the boy is almost always drinking something with caffeine.

Daxton believes his family gave him up, so he has no desire to make contact beyond the screaming match he had with his father when he was rescued.. They have been told he's safe and healthy, but unwilling to return home. Probably a wise decision, as no one is quite certain yet what his potential is, and what he was being trained for. And if the group that created him wants him back….or dead.

"Time is a precious thing. Never waste it."
Willy Wonka



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