Coral Springs

Coral Springs

Coral Springs is an Archipelago off the New England Coast in the United States. Located on international waters, this cluster of about 12 islands was for a time in the 19th century a destination spot for getting away from the coastal cites. There still stands a couple lighthouses on the main cluster as well as an old lodge style resort. Huge enough to house hundreds with entertainment spaces that is now dilapidated but intact. A part of this island chain included an old sea fort from the 19th century as well. In the 80s, this fort and the nearby Paragon Island was claimed by supers and hidden away from the world as a safe place to train next generation.

Coral Springs High

This school is located off a remote island that is technically a part of the archipelago, Paragon Island. It is made from an abandoned sea fort constructed in the 19th Century. Having acquired the fort, the generation of supers that made this safe place for the children also managed to seal it off from the world. A combination of hyper technology, magic and reality bending keep the school hidden from the rest of the world. Only a few world leaders at most even know that such a place exists, let alone where it can be found.


The top section remains intact. The lighthouse and glass room is the school cafeteria. The open courtyard in the middle of the first floor is between the administrative offices of the building. The second floor beneath this is more traditional classroom, with a small open courtyard below and centered under the administrative courtyard above.. It is underneath the surface that this school really opens up. Large gyms, swimming pools, state of the art training facilities Its a full underwater complex here; it doubles as the base of operations for S-Force, a forward acting group of supers protecting other supers and children in trouble around the world from forces that would seek to harm them. This complex is complete with tunnels that lead to facilities and dormitories for the students as well as a tunnel leading past sunken ruins to Paragon Island itself, which is used for training for the students.

Students are expected to work towards a regular education in a college preparatory fashion, including regular classes in STEM topics as well as English and the Arts. Students can take electives in shop classes, the arts, and other traditional topics of education but are also required to take classes in support of training in their abilities as well as a special physical eduction class designed for those with their abilities.

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Paragon Island


Home to mysterious ancient ruins that may predate other new world civilizations, this island is nearby the school with an underwater tunnel leading to it. This is where the hands on training (outside the classroom) takes place. Like the school, it remains protected and hidden from the world at large through various means by members of S-Force and the Global League of Decency.

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