Rowan Blanchard
Name: Cora Thiel
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Age: 14
Aliases: None
Origin: Birth
Grade: Freshman
Team: Prometheus
Dating: none
Powers and Abilities: Illusions, telepathy, ghostly flames
Portrayed by: Rowan Blanchard

The second child of a pair of supervillains that ran amok for some time. Her mother, Fiona "Shadow Wasp" Thiel, and her father was Gervis Thiel. They were finally taken down in early 2018, and Cora taken from their grasp.

IC Events

12/11 - Arrival, early evening after her initial orientation. Her first encounter with another student. So it begins!
12/21 - Chooses Prometheus as her Team!


Screaming Females - Hopeless

"Don't count on me again,
I'll obsess on our encounters,
I want us to be friends."



(2019-02-16) Happy Birthday, Cora!
Happy Birthday, Cora! Summary: It's Cora's birthday and she wants to avoid it. Luckily, there...

(2019-02-13) Buddy's Project
Buddy's Project Summary: Bronwyn and Cora help Buddy with his project after a dark day at the...

(2019-02-09) Fire and Ice(Water)
Fire and Ice(Water) Summary: Well, it was supposed to be a relaxing bonfire on a cold, cold...

(2019-02-06) Dinner Talk
Dinner Talk Summary: Various students gather in the dining hall. Date: 2019-02-06 Related:...

(2019-01-27) Being Human
Being Human Summary: Cora's had a bad week, and Syd is up for listening to her. Note that I...

(2019-01-01) Forgetful Elephant
Forgetful Elephant Summary: On December 30th, Buddy tried turning into the biggest creature...

(2018-12-29) Desperately Seeking Mischief
Desperately Seeking Mischief Summary: Syd meets Cid and Cora. We find out that Cid is being very...

(2018-12-24) Toys for Wroth
Toys for Wroth Summary: A group of students go shopping on Christmas Eve and encounter a...

(2018-12-21) Horse of a Different Color
Horse of a Different Color Summary: Syd, Buddy, and Cora chat. Date: 2018.12.21 Related:...

(2018-12-17) No Pain No Gain
No Pain No Gain Summary: Syd and Koga run into each other on the practice field. They're joined...

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