Rowan Blanchard
Name: Cora Thiel
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Rotterdam, Netherlands
Age: 14
Aliases: None
Origin: Birth
Grade: Freshman
Team: Prometheus
Dating: none
Powers and Abilities: Illusions, telepathy, ghostly flames
Portrayed by: Rowan Blanchard

The second child of a pair of supervillains that ran amok for some time. Her mother, Fiona "Shadow Wasp" Thiel, and her father was Gervis Thiel. They were finally taken down in early 2018, and Cora taken from their grasp.

IC Events

12/11 - Arrival, early evening after her initial orientation. Her first encounter with another student. So it begins!
12/21 - Chooses Prometheus as her Team!


Screaming Females - Hopeless

"Don't count on me again,
I'll obsess on our encounters,
I want us to be friends."



(2019-10-29) The Final Straw
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(2019-08-29) Windy and the Five Breezes
Windy and the Five Breezes Summary: Discussion at summer camp about the use of hurricanes as...

(2019-08-26) Catching Up
Catching Up Summary: Some of those involved in the beach battle explain what happened Date:...

(2019-05-12) Yucky Ranchers
Log Title Summary: Dakota makes Buddy cry, but Cora is there to clean up the mess. Date: IC...

(2019-05-05) Back-To-Life-Bread!
Back-To-Life-Bread! Summary: A recently unwrapped Besa readjusts, Callisto helps him and Cora...

(2019-04-11) The Joy Chrysalis
The Joy Chrysalis Summary: Log Summary Date: IC Date (2019-04-11) Related:...

(2019-04-01) Sunburn by Kaylee
Sunburn by Kaylee or When Kaylee Flashes or Kaylee's Not-So-Hot Flash Summary: Gabrielle...

(2019-03-31) Sunday Sundae Funday
Sunday Sundae Funday Summary: Dr. Ricci's Sunday Sundae Funday is disrupted by some cartoonish...

(2019-03-22) She's Got Nefertiti Eyes
She’s got Nefertiti Eyes Summary: Syd, Koga, and Cora hang out. Date: 2019.03.22 Related:...

(2019-03-09) Crippling Doubts
Crippling Doubts Summary: Following the mission to trace the Toy Girl, Cora comes down hard on...

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