Charlie Hunnam
Name: Constantine Ashford
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Age: 17
Aliases: Con, Ash
Origin: Genetic
Grade: Junior
Team: Promethean
Dating: Grace Maria 'Ria' Halleson
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Magnetokinesis & Electromagnetism
Portrayed by: Charlie Hunnam

Constantine Ashford was born in the year 2000 in the month of March to Orion and Calais Ashford in th city of Philadelphia of the state Pennsylvania. The eldest, with Aurora Ashford as his younger sister.. While they were a normal, middle class family, they had their issues. His father was a telekinetic, and his mother had a penchant for healing, and his sister was a telepath…only problem? none of them told Constantine…especially when it seemed like he had no powers whatsoever.

Constantine was always a friendly child, taught the core aspecs of being a gentleman. As such, he picked up the concept of chivalry, not so much from his parents, but from the books that foretold of Knights and dames, how they were always respectful and never bent the knee for any kind of injustice. Those stories contributed much to his character…and of course, they had their flaws…it also gave him a stubbornness. Such things got him into many fights as a child. However…everything reached it's boiling when Constantine reached freshman year of high school. He was being bullied…badly, for months. He never put up a fight because he would much rather bear everyone else's pain than deal it out himself. However, he threw away his ideology when these kids poisoned his dog. In rage he clenched his fists…and suddenly, cars were dragged towards him, metal beams of houses creaked and cracked, metal utensils started to flail out of their cubbords, pipes were uprooted from the ground as he shouted in pure, unadulterated rage. the first time he had ever performed such an action. THe kids were scared away, but his powers of electromagnetism were revealed also, recognizing the energy betweeen the poles, dust, rock…swarms of such…the nergy was overwhelming. With a rageful cry, it seemed like an act of true power…before he passed out from the strain. He was found by his powers around quite a bit of property damage.

So…afraid and worried for their child and ultimately in shock and disapproval of his actions, they whisked him away and immediately had him enrolled in the school in the hopes that he would learn how to use his powers while also hopefully becoming hero. Hopefully. However…Constantine wasn't told the fine details, and thinks he was abandoned.

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Grace Maria 'Ria' Halleson
"My Girlfriend and easily the person I trust most in the world at any given moment right now. We've made our promises to each other that we'll stay true to, and nothing makes me happier. let's walk this road together, you and I. <3."


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