Consortium Of Metis
Consortium of Metis
Ideals: Cunning, Intelligence, Subterfuge
Captain: Some Senior NPC …
Captain: The Spellbinder

Unlike the others, the Consortium of Metis rather thinks change can come about through careful planning and subterfuge. In their own way, a group of free radical thinkers, they can be viewed as somewhat rebelious in nature. Often times it seems they have their own agenda. They value cunning and intelligence.

Looking at other ways to effect change for better, or for their own interests, one of the teams of the school decided that intelligence, planning and cunning were much needed. The Consortium of Metis was born. Free thinkers, they were less likely to act, at least openly, favoring working towards change at a slower pace. Or, perhaps, not slow but more unseen. In some instances, helping to shed light on what they wanted others to agree to, getting others to agree with the ideas without more radical measures, was more preferable to this group.

The minds of Metis are those that are suited towards legal and political endeavors. Preferring thought and logic to brute strength. They are not without their powerhouses, but strength is more a last resort. Cunning and intelligence are the dominant traits of this team. Knowledge is power, secret knowledge is more powerful. Life is a chess game, it can be won years in advance without the opponent even realizing the game was afoot.

Their team leaders are chosen through a serious of puzzles and tests laid out each year by the graduating seniors before they graduate. Mostly aimed at testing their minds and ingenuity, they do include a level of physical challenge as well, hoping that the students are well rounded even while smarter than the members of other teams.

Members of the Consortium
Ashton (needs an icon).
Boomie (needs an icon).
Buddy (needs an icon).
CID (needs an icon).
Dakota (needs an icon).
Dianli (needs an icon).
Hunter (needs an icon).
Jaws (needs an icon).
Matty Arbuckle III (needs an icon).
Pavel (needs an icon).
Quinn (needs an icon).
Sydney (needs an icon).
Taka (needs an icon).
Arena Fetch Team
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