( (( ((( BOOM ))) )) )
**Garret Clayton** (Except I'M a little taller! Maybe.)
Name: Conner Douglas Masters
Gender: Guy
(And I check a couple of times every day just to be sure, because… really, shit happens. Right?)
Place of Birth: Masters Property, Live Oak Island, International Waters
(Visit at your own risk)
Age: He was just 17…
and you know what I mean.
The way he looked…
was WAAAY beyond compare.
So how could you dance with another,
when you saw him standing there…
Aliases: Mr. Smooth
(Alright. Maybe not YET. Give it sometime to catch on, right?)
Origin: I was born this way, hey
I was born this way, hey
I'm on the right track, baby,
I was born this way, hey
Grade: Junior
(Unless can we be held back?)
Team: Prometheus
(We have a Bear! How cool is that?)
Dating: But who could handle this much AWESOME?
Powers and Abilities: Telekinesis…and yeah. I… EXPLODE!
( Wait ! Is AWESOME a Power?)
Portrayed by: Garret Clayton
(Except I'M a little taller! Maybe.)

So this was my suit for Prom. Awesome, right?


This is my Jam…
…but wait!
It could be my… Peanut Butter?

While getting reading for Prom, this was helping get my Moves all ready and stuff, Right?

Normally I don't get all Political and stuff, but I love this Vid! With the wide diversity of signers and the lil' educational tidbits, If you don't check out any other vid here, you should really check out this one. Its awesome!

Later I realized I have actually linked an entire playlist (most any way 160sih/174) of best ASL Vid' s EVER when the 'Hell NO!" vid followed. Still LMAO!


A special shout out to my new brother Prince Tutankhamen, his boy Casper, my sister Prometheans Blue Eyes and Vampire Girl and all of us who love them and all of us who love like them.


This Vid made me laugh and cry. Don't worry, though. They were happy tears. Lotsa kids our age signing.

IC Events

Pending. It will be AWESOME. Obviously.


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Shout out to Family and Friends

(this is dedicated to my little bro who loves not being able to hear me sing)

(Remember when EVERYONE was singing Frozen? My lil' brother Sky missed out. Heheheh. Not anymore!)

(Guess where I live now! Awesome, right? My roomie has very sensitive ears so I have do this …q u i e t l y)


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