Lucas Till as Conner
Lucas Till
Name: Conner
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Masters Estate, International Waters
Age: 17
Aliases: None
Origin: Technological Mishap
Grade: Junior
Team: Metis
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities: Technomancy
Portrayed by: Lucas Till

Conner's abilities are the result of a technological experiment having a fortuitous malfunction, granting him abilities the device was intended to be used for.

IC Events

Survived 'the crack' going critical and destroying Coral Springs high.



(2018-10-17) World Domination 101
World Domination 101 Summary: Syd and Conner meet, talk, and perhaps flirt a little. Date:...

(2018-02-26) New Toys
New Toys Summary: Conner and Ariel watch as Rain unboxes her new toys Date: 2018-02-26 ...

(2018-02-14) All's Fair in Love and Nerf
All's Fair in Love and Nerf Summary: kinda, til' the superpowers come into play. Date:...

(2017-12-01) Not Quite Advice
Not Quite Advice Summary: Conner and Rain have a talk, Rain has a new potential friend Date:...

(2017-11-29) Dishy Boys and New Toys
Dishy Boys and New Toys Summary: Now now get your mind out of the gutter! A well-dressed Conner...

(2017-11-21) Down with the Dance
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(2017-11-19) The Color Green
The Color Green Summary: Fionnuala Reid and Conner Masters chat over coffee. Date: 2017-11-19 ...

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