Sarah Geronimo
Name: Claudine Salonga
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Honolulu, Hawaii
Age: 16
Aliases: 'Dine, Di'ne
Origin: Born This Way
Grade: Junior
Team: Athena
Dating: Malcolm Matthers
Powers and Abilities: Geothermal Manipulation
Portrayed by: Sarah Geronimo

How can you not love living in paradise? At least that's how it was for Claudine, who is the middle of three children (but the only girl) to Mariano and Carmela Salonga. The family was a modest upper middle class family living in Honolulu with her father being a local professor of geophysics at the local university, and her mother being an accountant. As such, she grew up with a Filipino heritage, as her parents emigrated before she was even born, though she grew up knowing both the Filipino and Hawaiian cultures.

What did that mean? Naturally, she learned hula dancing, the local mythology and stories, and lived like any other suburban kid. Her parents gave their children everything, and she pursued various interests from gymnastics (she watched way too much summer Olympics growing up), piano, and even ballet. For her part, her childhood was happy, giving her a fresh girl next door attitude in life.

However, things changed in middle school as she was in the throes of puberty. Naturally, she had a crush on a boy, Shaun Lavao. He was popular and knew it, and liked to tease and flirt with as many girls as possible. While on a fieldtrip, he snuck off with her to a local cave and eventually was her first kiss. Her stomach rumbled, and she felt all sorts of emotions. That's when other things began to rumble as well, as tremors started around them, causing a landslide which blocked off the only entrance. He naturally freaked out just as she did, and then it all became black for her.

She passed out, but her nascent powers manifested. The rocks themselves moved and even melted into lava that then reformed into solid rock at th beach. Her fight or flight response took over her instincts and due to the power that was unleashed, her young body was unable to really contain it which is why she passed out.

When she came to, she was surrounded by her parents. Her powers had triggered a small localized earthquake, which fortunately didn't cause too much damage. Her father, having connections back at the main land decided to send his daughter off to Coral Springs where she has been at since her freshman year. It's only now that in her junior year has she blossomed and come out of her shell with better control over her powers.

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