Gaten Matarazzo
Gender: N/A (Current male clone body, as main)
Place of Birth: Nevada
Age: 14(mental age)
Aliases: Bot, AI,
Origin: Birth
Grade: Freshman
Team: Metis
Dating: N/A
Powers and Abilities: Computer Infiltration, hacking.
Portrayed by: Gaten Matarazzo

Cid was "Born" in combination with Project Turing. A project by the US Government, to create AI for all means, from infiltration to passing as humans. Not going quite as planned Cid got a bit too much self-conscience and some scientists sent him to Coral Springs, where he could be safe and grow more. So his powers came along with that, in a manner. Being a computer with a clone body.

IC Events

None Yet



(2020-07-16) Lunch with Robots
Lunch With Robots Summary: Only one person in this scene has a normal human metabolism Date:...

(2019-02-05) The Nightmare Is Over
The Nightmare is Over Summary: Callisto's mother is finally dealt with, in a permanent fashion ...

(2018-12-29) Desperately Seeking Mischief
Desperately Seeking Mischief Summary: Syd meets Cid and Cora. We find out that Cid is being very...

(2018-12-24) Toys for Wroth
Toys for Wroth Summary: A group of students go shopping on Christmas Eve and encounter a...

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