Character Generation


We are using FS3 at the 52 points buy.

12 for Attributes

18 for Action Points

2 per language (English comes out automatically)

Our characters are teenagers, no skill may be more than 5 at the time of character generation but these will be easier to raise than typical FS3. Any non-super skill above 3 should include some explanation in you background slots.

We have four sources of abilities, these define what your good at. You can pick two, leaving the other two as weaknesses. These are: Energy, Physical, Psychic, and Magic. The bulk of action skills will be in attack and defense for each of these types (thus, the bulk of action/combat should revolve around super powers). Note that weapons (melee and firearms) fall under physical as well, this represents prowess and ability beyond normal human scale. A weapon master with pistols is as deadly as a brick at the same level of physical.

For any background skill that represents a superpower, an explanation of the ability and what it does should be in your background. Be direct, thought out explanations and rationale that seem to be attempting to rule past FS3 limits and other chars abilities will be frowned upon, before being rejected.


All skills that are at 3+ should have some explicit details justifying their levels, any non super skill over three should be explained in the BG as well because we are playing teens.

Action Skills

We have a limited number of action skills, about half are directly related to super powers/abilities. All combat oriented skills are grouped into the four: physical, energy, mystic, and psychic.

These four include any defense to that type of damage, including invulnerability, resistance and absorption. This would include avoidance as well in ability to dodge, luck to avoid, or outright slip away from the damage.

Action skills are just that, were the action takes place. These abilities may need background skills to cover non combat actions and other utilities that do not have direct combat bearing.

Super Abilities

We are limited to two action skills each, leaving the other two as vulnerabilities.

Other abilities that are non-combat in nature are welcome. These go in the background skills section. Some skills will be a one time buy, others are scalable. If in doubt, ask staff. For a single purchase skill, its 2 points.

As an example, water breathing doesn't scale, it would cost two points. Breathing any liquid might be scalable with weird breathing boons at higher levels, like flammable liquids.

Or a shapeshifter/metamorphosis. 2 points would be one shape (werewolf/lycan). Multiple shapes would be three points minimum. Other abilities with shifting (breathing water, flying, surviving in extreme environments) could be a higher scale in shifting or purchasing those abilities with other bg slots. Use judgement but if the other ability might scale it should have its own slot.

Scale and 'other' abilities.

Its hard to gauge how something like magic or elasticity may be utilized in points. A quick reference guide if its mimicking a few minor things a human could do, its a couple points. Scaling up from this is a few more points based on how much more it can do (2 points for more tricks) or the power scale as noted on the FS3 page FS3 page.

Restricted and Banned:

Banned: (Updated 6/26/18)

Time manipulation.
Reality Warping
Luck Manipulation

Restricted: (updated 5/8/18)

We have seen a few too many of these.

Immortality/Rebirth/Reincarnation. These are fine, we've just seen too many. Remember we're comics, coming back is a common theme

Mystic types - We have a lot of people that do magic of various types. Until some of these characters retire we are capping magic based characters.

Angels/Demons/Demigods - These are also overused at the current times. As well as any type of concepts that are related.

Government Experiments/Super Soldiers -

Characters with wealthy backgrounds - Sure its fun, but not everyone can be rich. Nothing wrong with being middle class.

Ice/Water Elementalists


A Background, like a +sheet is one of the most important things your character possesses.
A good one tells where you started, your roots, humble or not so humble beginnings and stretches through your more formative years reaching to the present day character who comes strolling to town by way of…..

How did your character get where they are going?
What circumstances in their life brought them to the point they are at now?
Do they have any siblings?
What's their personality like?

Now is the time to flesh out your character some and give her or him some history.
History is fun and exciting!
Are there any hiccups in their past? A few shady moments that may come back and bite them later?
Add it! Coloring outside the lines is fun and perhaps if you want something done, add it to your background and the staff can use something in your background to splash a little excitement in your life later on!

Here are a few examples of what to include:

Where was your character born? What type of family were they born into?
What was your character's childhood like? Was it happy, sad, typical, different?
Were there any childhood events that shaped your character's story?
Did your character have any friends or particular family members that were important to their story?
Are there any skills on your sheet that you haven't explained in your background?


Include a section on your power origin, if not part of your BG already. You should identify your power set (what is your power set). Be as descriptive as you like. Refer to the FS3 information for a general idea of what skill levels mean in conjunction with what your powers can do.


Add a section that explains your powers and abilities, enough that we have an idea how they work and what the limited (or potential growth) might be. Two physical action skills will not be the same, one might be martial arts, one may be super strength, another could have power armor, and yet another may command a golem or move rocks to do the physical parts of damage and defense. Just let us know some specifics, even if touched on in the rest of your bg.


Use a section to define your weakness. One of your quirks should be your weakness, but here you can better explain what it is.

Banned: We are not using psychological block as a weakness. This includes thinking hurting and killing is squick to being of a faith that doesn't allow certain actions. The weakness shouldn't be something that can be overcome with conditioning and training.

Restricted: There are a few too many power depletion/fragile weaknesses.


We will retain the four quirks requirement suggested for FS3. One should be a weakness.

Aside from your weakness quirk, quirks are the kind of thing that makes your character memorable and/or special. They could be minor advantages or disadvantages and should definitely be RP-able and used during RP so be thoughtful about what you pick as a quirk and how it will affect your interaction with others.

And now a few links to sites that list quirks you could use directly or as inspiration to create your own.

Lost and Found: A Supernatural Mush - Quirks
RPG Alchemy - 101 Player Character Quirks: Part 1
RPG Alchemy - 101 Player Character Quirks: Part 2
500 Character Quirks and Traits


Beyond our disinterest in snow flakes and Mary/Larry Sues, we strongly feel this makes characters and their stories more interesting. We are going one step more with these. One quirk will be used for a power weakness, beyond the two types you can't defend against. This is a severe limit on you character. The color yellow for Green Lantern, Kryptonite for Superman, sun for vampires. Something that could be found out and exploited and not some simple psychological inhibitor (ie 'my char can't kill anyone cause gross'). Something serious.

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