Ben Barnes
Name: Carmichael Allen Peabody
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Guildford, Surrey, England
Age: 16
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Birth/Angelic Heritage
Grade: 10
Team: Athenian League
Dating: Not Available
Powers and Abilities: Flight, Energy, Angelic Toughness
Portrayed by: Ben Barnes

Carmichael was born in Guildford, in Surrey county in England. His parents were well-to-do, and that was a good thing, since… well, he was born with wings. Tiny little stubby things that he folded up underneath his shirt most of the time when he was little. Oh but it didn't take long for his peers to find out. Even from a young age, Carmichael was always being called things like "chicken wings" and "chicken little". But to be fair, they did look absolutely ridiculous, tiny naked things that they were.

Another reason it was good that his parents were well-to-do? Carmichael metabolized like a nuclear furnace. He ate constantly, yet never seemed to gain weight. He was extremely skinny growing up, until his parents figured out that he needed more food than a normal child for some reason. But aside from that, as far as he knew, his childhood was about as normal as a kid with wings could be.

IC Events

None Yet



(2018-04-28) Star-Gazing
Star-Gazing Summary: RJ is star-gazing when he sees Carmichael. The two talk. Date: IC Date...

(2018-03-26) Crisis Cookies
Crisis Cookies Summary: Grace and Carmichael introduce Bryce to chocolate chip cookies; Ashton...

(2018-03-25) Revelations... And Scissors
Revelations And Scissors Summary: Carmichael's still trying to wrap his brain around the...

(2018-03-24) I Just Called to Say HOLY CRAP!
I Just Called to Say HOLY CRAP! Summary: Carmichael wants to talk to his dad about this whole ...

(2018-03-22) Feathers and Swords
Feathers and Swords Summary: A group of students come outside for a casual meeting to talk about...

(2018-03-21) Queen of the Crossroads
Queen of the Crossroads Summary: Loukanos summons his mother to ask about the silent treatment...

(2018-03-19) Wings and noses
Wings and Noses Summary: 4 students get into a conversation about origins and draugr shortly...

(2018-02-24) They Came From The Sea
They Came From The Sea Summary: A bonfire party arranged by local Shady Cove teens to celebrate...

(2018-02-20) Warm Air, Cold Water
Warm Air, Cold Water Summary: Ashton and Carmichael are enjoying the unseasonable warmth, while...

(2018-02-20) Distant Cousins of a Sort
Distant Cousins of a Sort? Summary: Carmichael and Ashton share a bite to eat Date: IC Date...

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