Captain Liberty
Captain Liberty
None as of Yet
Name: Jonathan Winters
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Little Rock, Arkansas
Age: 40s
Aliases: Captain Liberty, Defender of Liberty …
Origin: Paragon - physical super set
Grade: Defender of the World
Team: {$team}
Dating: Honey Badger
Powers and Abilities: Strength, Flight, Durability
Portrayed by: None as of Yet

A defender of Providence at the Battle of Thunder Bay, Captain Liberty was already an outstanding member of the Global League of Decency. He has since risen to become the leader on many of the missions, but insists the group continue to act as a democracy amongst the totality of its members.

Currently he is off earth embroiled in a battle, an invasion of the Milky Way. This is no where near earth, but it has taken many great heroes away from the planet.

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