Burger Barn

The burger barn is a popular place off the main streets, hidden away from where most tourists dare to tread.

Offering milkshakes, a whole variety of burgers to satisfy even the pickiest of appetites, onion rings, fries and tater tots, it's a popular hangout with the local teen set.

A jukebox is one of the attractions, boasting popular music of every taste.

Eating Challenge

For $35 you can try out the eating challenge. A huge burger with all of the toppings and dill pickle spears that you and up to three friends will get for free if you can manage to eat the whole thing within an hour.

You will also get a group photo of the winners posted on their Wall of Fame and a t-shirt



Tag yourself 'bbarn' if you work here.

Employees at Burger Barn
Felicia (needs an icon).
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