Dylan Kingwell
Name: Judson Buddy Jones
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Alexandria, Virginia
Age: 14
Aliases: None
Origin: Birth
Grade: Freshman
Team: Metis
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Animal Transformation
Portrayed by: Dylan Kingwell

Thomas Jones enjoyed the spotlight almost his entire life. While he didnt make the best grades in school, he was a star athlete. He was the first string wide receiver for his school football team and even played first baseman for his baseball team. He was dating one of the cheerleaders on the squad, and together they were going to challenge the quarterback and his date for the King & Queen of Prom. His future was set with a guaranteed scholarship. That was until he was in a crippling injury the last football game of his senior year. After a complex surgery and difficult physical therapy, he was able to walk but would never be able to play again. His hopes of playing professional were gone. His girl, Jenny, was thinking of leaving him until she found out that she was pregnant. Thomas dropped out of school and started working so he could support her. It wouldnt be the life that he wanted for them, but he was going to do his best. He took any job that he could get especially ones that would pay cash.

Jenny and Thomas were married in a small, simple ceremony. Her father was the religious type and demanded that they get married, but the relationship with him was never good after that. His parents tried to support Thomas as best they could and fell in love with his little baby boy. He was a cute little boy whose right eye was a brilliant blue color while his left eye was an emerald green. They named him Judson after Thomas father though everyone called him Buddy. Jenny stayed at home to take care of Buddy though as he got older she started doing jobs online to try and bring in extra funds. They never had a lot, but they never went without.

Neither Thomas nor Jenny were ready for the bundle of imaginative energy that Buddy brought into their lives. He practically lived in a make-believe world that seemed to consist almost entirely of animals. He would frequently spends days or even weeks playing as one type of animal or another. Everything seemed to fascinate him and he quickly took to comics and video games as a further outlet for his imagination.

When Buddy was 5 years old, he was outside playing like he was a dog which was his favorite animal to pretend to be. Suddenly, without him being fully aware of it, he turned into a dog: a cute german shepherd puppy. Thinking that it was just his imagination in full gear, he played around and kept acting like a dog. Jenny was so thrilled to find such a cute loving puppy but quickly became terrified when she couldn't find her son. Thomas rushed home from his job as the construction site. They put up flyers all over the neighborhood, called the police, and asked for help on the internet. She took care of the puppy in the meantime as an outlet for her maternal needs.

A couple of days later, puppy-Buddy was out in the backyard running around when he finally figured out how to turn back into a little boy again. He didnt think of anything of it and went back inside. His parents were overjoyed at having found their son, but they didnt understand what happened. Everytime they asked him where he had been, he said that he had been with them. One month later, this happened again though this time Buddy turned into the most adorable little kitten. Jenny again was terrified at the loss of her son. She did find it strange that this kitten showed up right when he disappeared just like the puppy did. Also, the puppy and the kitten had the same eye color trait that Buddy did. She couldnt accept the possibility that her son was turning into animals. That wasnt possible. Instead, she just thought it was a weird cosmic coincidence that her son and these animals shared eyes. This wasnt the time to deal on such thoughts though. She had to find her son. Two days of terror filled the young parents until Buddy turned back into a little boy.

Jenny kept a close eye on her son as only a worried mother could. Two weeks later, it happened again. He turned into a little puppy, but this time she saw him do it. She couldn't believe her eyes and didn't know how to tell her husband. Thomas didn't believe her, couldn't believe her. They police were wondering how these people were constantly losing their son and DCF was called into to investigate. Jenny convinced Buddy to turn back to a boy as Thomas was watching just a few minutes before the DCF worker showed up. The investigation turned up nothing and the case was dropped. Buddy never went missing again because his parents now knew that he was the animal that showed up in his place.

Jenny and Thomas did their best to hide Buddys abilities from both sets of grandparents. Jennys father would think it was some sort of demonic possession, and Thomas parents would have him checked out medically and psychologically. They begged Buddy to only become an animal in their house or in their yard. He was never to leave the yard or the privacy fence that Thomas put up.

This worked well until Buddy was ten years old. Buddy turned into a dog and got distracted by a very interesting scent. He got out of their yard and started exploring the neighborhood. Of course, he didn't have a collar or tags, and someone a few blocks over called animal control. They picked Buddy up and took him to the animal shelter. Buddy was picked up within two days by a family who wanted a little dog for their daughter. Jenny and Thomas looked feverishly for him, but they couldn't find him. By the time they thought of checking animal shelters, he was already gone.

Buddy enjoyed being the house pet for the family. To him, it was just a big game. However, after a few days, Buddy began missing his parents. The other times he turned into an animal for a few days, he was always around them. He went from a playful puppy to a sad mopey one. He would cry and howl at night and very little would console him. He then started trying to get out and escape because he wanted to find his family. The father of the house took to putting him on a leash and even put on one of those shock collars with the invisible fences. Buddy spent days, weeks trying to escape. One morning he realized that there was a very easy way to escape. He asked to go outside to do his business and the little girl let him out. She decided to stay out and play with him when suddenly he turned into a bright yellow finch. The shock collar was now way to big for him and fell to the ground. The girl screamed as she saw her used-to-be-puppy fly off.

Buddy flew as fast as far he could to get away from that house and find his way to a nearby woods. He hadn't flown this far before so he found himself a place to rest in the trees. Here in the woods, he spent months. He never knew how long. He would be a bird for a while and eats seeds and worms, become a cat and go hunting for little animals, or become a wolf to hunt bigger game. He never had a problem finding food. Every so often, he would turn into a bird and go exploring hoping to find his own house, but nothing looked familiar. He tried walking the streets as a dog hoping to pick up a smell, but nothing smelt the same. He had no way of knowing how far that family took him when they picked up him up from the pound or even how far away the pound was from his house.

After wandering a months of this exploring, Buddy caught scent of a lot of animals nearby. He turned into a little kitten so he could stealthily explore this amazing bouquet of smells and found a traveling zoo. The people would take the animals from place to place and show off the animals. They would let the wealthy people pay extra to pet and play with the animals. Unfortunately, because of poor management and the increase cost of providing and transporting so many animals, the Granger Petting Zoo was going under. It wouldnt be but a few more months until he would have to start selling off the best of his animals. He had already had to sell off a few of the ducks because of the extra need of a water habitat for them.

Granger noticed this little stray cat come into his petting area shortly after the last showing in that part of town. He was just about to shoo the cat away when he saw the most frightening and lucrative thing he had ever seen. The cat walked up to one of the bunny rabbits and quickly became one. Granger had never seen anything like it, but instantly his greedy little heart was ready. If this, whatever, could become different animals, then he could have multiple animals for limited care. He quickly captured the bunny with different colored eyes. It wasn't long until Granger had Buddy turn back into a little boy. Granger would make him both the star and prisoner of his petting zoo.

Granger instantly began training Buddy to turn into different animals of his petting zoo and how to perform basic tricks. He punished him severely when he did not perform well and fed him basic chow while he was in his smallest animal form. Unfortunately, Granger found out that the more Buddy transformed, the more he needed to eat. If Buddy ever behaved like anything else other than the animal he was acting like, he would be harshly punished. He was also not allowed to speak when in animal form. Granger took to placing a muzzle on him anytime that he was not actively in the show. Several times Buddy tried to escape, but the cruel Granger kept him locked up so he couldnt. Fearing the man, Buddy never changed in front of people.

Granger used Buddy to finally bring in a profit. The Granger Petting Zoo was finally doing well. It continued to grow in popularity and fame as it seemed that what Granger lacked in management he made up in abuse and manipulation.

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