Buddha's Palm
Buddha's Palm
Aki Aleong
Name: Master Chayto
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: China
Age: 85
Aliases: Head Master, Golden Palm
Origin: Meditation.
Grade: Retired
Team: {$team}
Dating: N/A
Powers and Abilities: Hand to hand, Evil defense. Master of all fight styles
Portrayed by: Aki Aleong

A former teacher at Coral Springs. He was part of the original staff when the place first opened up. Currently resides in a temple in China. Where he has been teaching Jared and looked after Ifrit while he recover his powers. A man that was considered the best close-range combatants. That along with having powers that could send one flying or dispel any evil made him a powerful hero, but also the knowledge and understanding made him a good teacher. Making way for a new generation, he instead felt that his service could be used elsewhere.

Feel free to use him if you want to have him show up to school for whatever reason.

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