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Judah Lewis
Name: Bryson Morgan
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Detroit, MI
Age: 16
Aliases: None known
Origin: Cursed Heirloom
Grade: Junior
Team: Prometheus
Dating: Some I consider my girlfriends … some I just consider
Powers and Abilities: Demon curse strength, physical prowess, curse bolts, teleporting
Portrayed by: Judah Lewis

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His grandmother who watched him more than his father never trusted this life style, and gave him an old slavic charm for his protection.

He ran into trouble after some Devil's Disciples, the motorcycle club, found him running through their street. They chased him, and that's when the amulet took effect. It summoned the spirit of Chort, the son of the slavic deity/demon Chernobog, and protected him, allowed him to fight back and eventually teleport away when more bikers showed up. It was enough to earn him some attention from Coral Springs and he was invited to the school. He thinks its an alternative to going to some powered up prison or something, but he's giving it a go.

IC Events

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