Simon Blom
Name: Bryce Stanton
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Chicago
Age: 14
Aliases: None
Origin: Magical Assisted Conception
Grade: Freshman
Team: Prometheus
Dating: Sydney
Powers and Abilities: Psychic Constructs
Portrayed by: Simon Blom

When Derrick Stanton (Bryce's father) demanded a child that Rosie (Bryce's mother) was unable to produce, she sought assistance from the witch, Jazmira. The magic she used did indeed allow Rosie to conceive, but the magic also triggered something inside of her that gave her son the powers that he now possesses.

IC Events



(2018-03-29) Hugs Don't Make Everything Better
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(2018-03-26) Crisis Cookies
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(2018-03-25) Revelations... And Scissors
Revelations And Scissors Summary: Carmichael's still trying to wrap his brain around the...

(2018-03-24) Phones,Dreams and Mispronounced Coptic
Phones,Dreams and Mispronounced Coptic Summary: A game, a gift, and some worry Date:...

(2018-03-24) Father Slayer and Little Brother
Father Slayer and Little Brother Summary: The ritual to find Besa's missing piece his heart...

(2018-03-23) Cocoa and Poetry
Cocoa and Poetry Summary: Besa and Bryce's unplanned meeting in the library covers a wide range...

(2018-03-22) Feathers and Swords
Feathers and Swords Summary: A group of students come outside for a casual meeting to talk about...

(2018-03-20) Kitchen Games
Kitchen Games Summary: Students end up in the kitchen and end up playing video games, talking,...

(2018-03-19) Wings and noses
Wings and Noses Summary: 4 students get into a conversation about origins and draugr shortly...

(2018-03-17) They're Back
They're Back Summary: Some of the Coral Springs students overhear/oversee a snippet of a...

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