Simon Blom
Name: Bryce Stanton
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Chicago
Age: 14
Aliases: None
Origin: Magical Assisted Conception
Grade: Freshman
Team: Prometheus
Dating: Sydney
Powers and Abilities: Psychic Constructs
Portrayed by: Simon Blom

When Derrick Stanton (Bryce's father) demanded a child that Rosie (Bryce's mother) was unable to produce, she sought assistance from the witch, Jazmira. The magic she used did indeed allow Rosie to conceive, but the magic also triggered something inside of her that gave her son the powers that he now possesses.

IC Events



(2018-10-04) To Sail Against Time
To Sail Against Time Summary: The mission to find and rescue Daxton is underway! He was told to...

(2018-09-30) Snuggling Steel
Snuggling Steel Summary: Syd and Bryce hang out and snuggle, and talk about their experiences...

(2018-09-15) Get Well with Blushing
Get Well with Blushing Summary: Bryce visits Sydney in the medbay after her recent...

(2018-09-14) Gravity of the Situation
Gravity of the Situation Summary: Syd, Zolin, and Bryce spar. Also, shapechanger flu happens...

(2018-08-31) Standing Off
Standing Off Summary: Syd and Bryce Spar. Also talk, flirt, and realize they're not on the same...

(2018-08-26) Kodachrome Moment
Kodachrome Moment Summary: She may be made of steel and have a pretty level head on her...

(2018-08-20) Moving Day
Moving Day Summary: Syd, Bryce, and Ashton arrive at the new school Date: 2018.08.20 ...

(2018-08-14) The Simple Pleasures
The Simple Pleasures Summary: Syd and Bryce go on a date. It's surprisingly un-awkward. Date:...

(2018-08-02) Coming Clean
Coming Clean Summary: Syd runs into Bryce in the laundry room after getting her pre-admission...

(2018-07-29) Lives and Shadows of Lives
Lives and Shadows of Lives Summary: Syd and Stephanie talk. Steph warms up a little to Syd....

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