Simon Blom
Name: Bryce Stanton
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Chicago
Age: 14
Aliases: None
Origin: Magical Assisted Conception
Grade: Freshman
Team: Prometheus
Dating: Sydney
Powers and Abilities: Psychic Constructs
Portrayed by: Simon Blom

When Derrick Stanton (Bryce's father) demanded a child that Rosie (Bryce's mother) was unable to produce, she sought assistance from the witch, Jazmira. The magic she used did indeed allow Rosie to conceive, but the magic also triggered something inside of her that gave her son the powers that he now possesses.

IC Events



(2019-02-12) Of Fogs and Wendigos
Of Fogs and Wendigos Summary: A fog rolls in, bring nastiness with it Date: 2019-02-12 ...

(2019-02-05) The Nightmare Is Over
The Nightmare is Over Summary: Callisto's mother is finally dealt with, in a permanent fashion ...

(2018-12-25) A Merry Little Christmas
A Merry Little Christmas Summary: Syd and Bryce exchange gifts for Christmas. No, not that kind....

(2018-12-24) Toys for Wroth
Toys for Wroth Summary: A group of students go shopping on Christmas Eve and encounter a...

(2018-12-17) No Pain No Gain
No Pain No Gain Summary: Syd and Koga run into each other on the practice field. They're joined...

(2018-12-10) Be My Friend
Be My Friend Summary: Callisto and Bryce have a moment! Date: 2018-12-10 Related: NA NPCs:...

(2018-11-29) We Don't Need No Water
We Don't Need No Water Let That Somethingsomething Burn Summary: Several students from Coral...

(2018-11-09) A Real Odyssey
A Real Odyssey Summary: Bryce tries to help Shades with English homework, and Callisto provides...

(2018-11-08) Too Legit to Quit
Too Legit to Quit Summary: Syd and Besa finally test whether she'll die if he touches her....

(2018-11-04) Birthdays and Boyfriends
Birthdays and Boyfriends Summary: Syd and Bryce, on Syd's Birthday. Date: 2018.11.04 ...

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