Simon Blom
Name: Bryce Stanton
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Chicage
Age: 14
Aliases: None
Origin: Magical Assisted Conception
Grade: Freshman
Team: Prometheus
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Psychic Constructs
Portrayed by: Simon Blom

When Derrick Stanton (Bryce's father) demanded a child that Rosie (Bryce's mother) was unable to produce, she sought assistance from the witch, Jazmira. The magic she used did indeed allow Rosie to conceive, but the magic also triggered something inside of her that gave her son the powers that he now possesses.

IC Events



(2018-05-16) Terror in the House of Horrors
Terror in the House of Horror Summary: A group of students investigates something off at the...

(2018-04-26) A Tired Heart
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(2018-04-21) Mug Shot Cafe Cabaret
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(2018-04-16) Aches and Pains and Sad Hearts
Aches and Pains and Sad Hearts Summary: Students gather in the library, each with their own...

(2018-04-10) The Heart
The Heart Summary: A group of students go to retrieve the heart. It's not easy Date:...

(2018-04-06) Seeking Einstein
Seeking Einstein Summary: What's the world coming to when it's Callisto attempting to give tech...

(2018-04-05) Beauty and the Adorkable
Beauty and the Adorkable Summary: The interesting interplay of the socially awkward with the...

(2018-04-02) It's Still Winter
It's Still Winter Summary: Trevor's still a little grumpy about it still being cold when it's...

(2018-03-29) Hugs Don't Make Everything Better
Hugs Don't Make Everything Better Summary: Ashton seeks out Besa in the Attic, which is a...

(2018-03-26) Crisis Cookies
Crisis Cookies Summary: Grace and Carmichael introduce Bryce to chocolate chip cookies; Ashton...

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