Code Name of Character
Sina Domino Collins
Name: Brenna McCormick
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Ireland
Age: 16
Aliases: Blossom :(
Origin: Origin
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Athena
Dating: None!
Powers and Abilities: Flight, Plants, Other
Portrayed by: Sina Domino Collins

Full name: Brenna Leah Oana Shannon Saara Oda McCormick.
Named after every single one of my grandmothers on my ma's side, along with one on my da's side.


IC Events

None Yet (if you want to wiki-fu a module to list logs, the code can be provided). This is extra writing presently to taste the parameters of this field in relation to the hanging box and see if I write too far that the box might cover up some of this text.





(2016-09-07) Ferry Attack
Ferry Attack Summary: The ferry gets attacked and the students on board have a hard time with...

(2016-06-23) Gangs With Guns
Gangs With Guns Summary: A sudden outbreak of violence in the train station! Date: 2016-06-23 ...

(2016-06-21) Let it Go
Let it Go Summary: Derek is caught dancing on skates and singing along to Frozen's Let it Go, at...

(2016-05-20) Prom Night
Log Title Summary: Log Summary Date: IC Date (YYYY-MM-DD) Related: The Prom Ones NPCs:...

(2016-05-05) Something Happened
Something Happened Summary: Chase doesn't crash a pillar, Tabitha and Kaylee watch on as Dwayne...

(2016-05-04) Good Vibrations
Good Vibrations Summary: Brenna and Daxton have a chat. Date: 2016-05-04 Related: - NPCs:...

(2016-04-28) Beachfront BBQ
Beachfront BBQ Summary: This time the party is a total success. Date: 2016-04-28 Related:...

(2016-04-27) Joker's Wild
Joker's Wild Summary: A brief brief talk, but kinda important one. Date: 2016-04-27 Related:...

(2016-04-27) D-Day for Alex and Mabel
D-Day for Alex and Mabel Summary: Alexandra and Mabel arrive at Coral Springs this is going to...

(2016-04-26) Washtub Symphony
Washtub Symphony Summary: Tabitha attempts to host a fun music night. Attendance is low but fun...

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