Actor Name
Name: Rita Lot
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Place of Birth
Age: 14
Aliases: Boomie
Origin: Birth
Grade: Freshman
Team: Metis
Dating: Not yet
Powers and Abilities: Kinetic energy redistribution and persuasion
Portrayed by: Actor Name

Having grown up on the streets together, The Untamed were disbanded when a group of Supers crashed their hide out and rounded them all up. They've been split up, thinking that they can be rehabilitated. Several have been sent to Coral Springs, in the hopes that being around other super powered students being trained to do good will influence them. Oh how wrong they are about that.

Rita "Boomie" Lot—

She's rather oblivious, or chooses to be, about the aggressive nature of The Untamed. She just likes that they all like her, and bring her things and take care of her.She adores her big brother and will blow up anyone that says anything bad about him. She's not so much billie, as just very loyal. She does understand that they need money, and a lot of it. Also power. If that means being the top pricenss at the school, she can do that.

She giggles, a lot.
-Soft spot for cats
-Hates anyone that flashes money around (besides her brother)

IC Events

None Yet (if you want to wiki-fu a module to list logs, the code can be provided). This is extra writing presently to taste the parameters of this field in relation to the hanging box and see if I write too far that the box might cover up some of this text.



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