Coral Springs High

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We're good. All MIA charbits are back. Thanks for your patience.

Game News

Tragedy struck the Coral Springs school. What started out as a fun evening of dancing turned into a fight for life when the dimensional crack in the laundry room went critical and exploded open. The result, velociraptors hunting in the hallways and the building springing leaks everywhere.

Teachers and students fought side by side to escape and some did. Others were not so lucky. Out of a student body of 83 only 44 made it back to the mainland, and only a few teachers made it back, thanks to the brave efforts of Tom Filsen, ferry captain and former Ares, Daxton Jones. While former Ares Felicia Carlyle backed by Unit-23 and the Coast Guard cleared the school of the velicoraptors.

Amoung the casualties were Aidan, Sorrel, and many other students, Headmistress Watson, others, are missing and presumed dead.

Until further notice the school is off limits until repairs can be made.

Parents were called and students that weren't seriously injured were sent home, being told that they would be in touch about what happens next. Those that have no where to go are being put up in a local hotel at the schools expense.

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Just a few days after the tragedy and destruction of Coral Springs High, a letter/email went out to the parents/students. The letter was from the Board of Directors offering sympathy to those families that lost loved ones. There was an offer to cover any funeral and/or medical expenses for deceased and/or injured student/staff.

It went on to explain that insurance was offering each student a small stipend of $1,000 to replace personal effects, clothing, etc. The school is also supplying each student with 3 school uniforms.

Finally it explains how the school will be re-opening on Monday, November 27th at a temporary location north of Coral Springs, Winbarry Estates. Classes will resume on December 4th. This will be the home of the school until the new and improved Coral Springs building can be repaired and rebuilt.

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Welcome to Coral Springs, a high school for the extra gifted!

Dedicated to those with abilities above and beyond normal humans, this school helps train those with exceptional abilities. Some may call them mutants, or meta humans, or simply super human. Students here have some ability that sets them above and beyond the normal. From flying to lifting mountains to shooting fire from their eyes, they all come here. There is no set code of 'good' or 'bad' to the schools philosophy, rather it is viewed as preventing them from hurting themselves and each other.

They are expected to not only learn their powers and abilities, but also to learn a regular body of knowledge as befitting any teenager of their grade level.

The school is located in international waters, technology hides this school from being found by most forces. Nearby on the coast is the pleasant town of Shady Cove.

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