Lucy Hale
Name: Beverly Anne Sunderland
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA
Age: 15
Aliases: Bev, That Girl Who Played the Little Sister on the "My Secret Identity" Reboot
Origin: Mutation
Grade: Sophomore
Team: {$team}
Dating: N/A
Powers and Abilities: Energy Absorption, Light Projection, Teleportation
Portrayed by: Lucy Hale

Beverly Sunderland was born in Los Angeles. Her father was a film producer, her mother a wannabe starlet who managed to hook a rich producer and dropped out of the acting business. From early on she was pushed into auditions. She did a diaper commercial when she was a toddler, and later appeared in commercials for a number of products — girly toys, clothes, and one part, when she was six, where she played a beaming child who did not at all mind going to the dentist.

As she grew older, the parts grew bigger. She was a dead child on CSI and the orphaned child of a drug lord on CSI Miami. Her big break came when she was nine. She was cast as the little sister of a young superheroine on a reimagining of the 80s TV series 'My Secret Identity'. The program was in syndication from day one, but was picked up in some larger markets, and Beverly is well known by fans of the show, which lasted four years, finishing up its run two years ago.

Beverly discovered her powers shortly after the show wrapped production. She'd gone to the beach one day, and when she went to bed she discovered she was glowing. There was some screaming and crying over this — mostly on the part of her mother, and mostly because she was certain that Bev's acting career was over. Beverly has practiced with her powers in private in the meantime, and was recruited to attend Coral Springs after a few semi-disastrous attempts at superheroing in downtown LA. Her old friends have been told that she attends a New England prep school. It's true enough.


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