India Eisley
Name: Bayley Savage
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Boston, Massachussetts.
Age: 16
Aliases: Bay
Origin: Inborn from parental experimentation
Grade: Sophomore
Team: {$team}
Dating: Single
Powers and Abilities: Empathic Sense and Emotional Control/Manipulation
Portrayed by: India Eisley

Bayley is a shy, secretive and pretty young girl. She had a relatively sheltered upbringing and is still learning how to get along with others. Her powers can sometimes overwhelm her, requiring her to spend time alone. She's a talented violinist and a serious bookworm. She's often seen writing in her journal, as well. She's quite small, a little less than five feet tall, and looks young for her age. She has a tendency to walk around in bare or stocking feet when left unsupervised.

Bayley is the only child of Drs. Roderick and Enid Savage, renowned psychologists and intelligence consultants. The Savages perfected mind-enhancing pharmaceuticals that they used to grant themselves formidable psychic powers temporarily, powers they used in service to the government. Unsurprisingly, soaking their bloodstreams in experimental psychotropic chemicals resulted in their daughter being born different.

Bayley's early years were difficult - while other superhumans often gain their abilities with puberty, Bayley was born empathic, with an additional sense to try and process. It was overwhelming. She struggled to adapt and, while her parents were excellent psychologists, they were also aloof and tended to treat her more like a patient than a daughter. They were fascinated by her abilities - she could sense emotions and, in time, manipulate them, forcing others to feel what she wanted them to feel, warping their perceptions and feelings. Their own psychic walls provided some defense, but she was stronger even than them and it could be difficult. They often kept her medicated or even hospitalized - she was homeschooled, kept away from other kids mostly because the crowds would be too much for her.

Bayley never bonded with her parents the way she should have, becoming secretive and wary. She resisted regimentation or attempts to make her 'normal' - she rejected wearing shoes as much as possible, for example, or would sometimes go days without talking at all. But she showed her abilities in other ways - she became an avid reader, hiding out in books. She proved to be a prodigy at the violin, letting the music comfort and center her when she was overwhelmed.

In time, the Savages came to realize that their daughter needed more guidance than even they could provide. As a result, she's been sent to Coral Springs to try to help her meet other kids like her and give her a chance at a normal life. Not that she wants a normal life. She's okay with being strange. Normal is boring.

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