Smart Monkey
Name: J. Bam Bam Cicero
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Houston, Texas
Age: Uhm
Aliases: Astrochimp
Origin: Super-Science
Grade: Freshman
Team: Metis
Dating: Uhm
Powers and Abilities: Super Intelligence, Telepathy, Telekinesis
Portrayed by: {$actor}

Bam-Bam was one of the astrochimps raised by NASA as early experimental/disposable astronauts. While he was still a baby they strapped him into a rocket and shot him into orbit, but his rocketship hit a temporal anomaly and was thought lost. Instead he was flung into the far future of the 31st Century, and was rescued by the Neutrality League. Professor Beige of the League saw potential in Bam-Bam, and infused the young chimp with hyper-intelligence then proceeded to teach him everything he knew. Bam-Bam fought alongside the League against their sworm enemy, the Anti-Neutrality Empire, and further developed mental abilities in battle.

After a few years of conflict, Bam-Bam was in an attack team that assaulted an ANE space installation, and during that mission hit another temporal anomaly that sent him back to the year 2016. He was retrieved by NASA, whose scientists were dumbfounded by the unhappy, cynical but very smart young chimp. In order to acclimatize Bam-Bam into a world where chimps don't really have legal rights, they sent him to Coral Springs for education.



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