Anson Mount
Name: ?
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: ?
Age: 35+?
Aliases: Bulletstorm
Origin: Practice, genetics
Grade: N/Al
Team: {$team}
Dating: N/A
Powers and Abilities: Firearms expert, marksman, ballistic expert, rocket expert, Ballistic enchantment.
Portrayed by: Anson Mount

A skillful firearms and projectile weapon handler, be it rockets or anything. Also having the ability to charge his bullets with his energy to cause different types of shots.

A villain that seeks powerful artifacts. Some to sell, some to keep for himself. When in search of the summoning rune (that is now imbued to Jared) he ran into the superhero couple of Ifrit and Komodo. Using his power to create a bullet that managed to disable Ifrit's powers and then ending up fighting with Komodo.
What happened to him or Komodo is unknown. However Ballistic has been since at occasions since.

When not hunting artifacts he has been known to be a mercenary. However after letting the summoning rune escape him once, perhaps we will try again.

Feel free to use him as pleases. Do try and poke Jared if so, as the villain's appearance would probably affect him.

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