Kitagawa Keiko
Name: Tsuchimikado Aya
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Tokyo, Japan
Age: 15
Aliases: Aya-sama, Aya-hime
Origin: In Born and Mystical Training
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Prometheus
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Inanimate Object Manipulation, Onmyoudo, Other magics
Portrayed by: Kitagawa Keiko

The Tsuchimikado Family is one of the premiere magical families in the world. Descendants of the famous wizard/onmyouji Abe no Seimei, they have done everything from making sure that the land of the Rising Sun is protected from supernatural threats to serving as advisors and bodyguards to the Imperial Family themselves.

As such, Aya the successor and heir to the family, serving as the 13th Clan Head when her father, the current 12th head retires. In many ways, that made her be born with a silverspoon in her mouth as she grew up on Tsuchimikado Island surrounded by tutors, servants, and branch family members tending to her needs so she could focus on learning all the occult she needed.

However, she took after her mother's side. She was born with a strong connection to the tsukumo-gami, spirits of inanimate objects. This made life quite interesting growing up as she was constantly speaking to everyday objects, learning and finding out lots of things. Coupled with her tutors, ancient scrolls gave their wisdom in casting and learning of magics, which made her ready to be a certified onmyouji at the tender age of eight.

As such, she's had almost a decade of experience serving as a part time exorcist in Tokyo, often accompanying government officials to and fro to ensure their safety. Much like her father, she has been surrounded by a variety of youkai servants (though nothing on the power of the Twelve Heavenly Generals that he commands). One of her constant companions is an inugami (spirit dog) named Inuki. He appears as a shiba inu puppy that constantly follows her, though he can travel from the spirit world to the real world with ease.

Still, living with major family obligations and expectations has been hard on the young woman. Her mother, worried that the pressure was getting to her decided that she would head to the United States to attend Coral Springs, to take time off from her 'professional magician' side to have a somewhat normal teenage life. Her father let her go but sees things differently. In his mind, Aya will learn the mystical arts of other regions in order to become even more powerful and to share secrets with the rest of the clan. What she actually will do is up in the air as her story truly begins now, here in Coral Springs.

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