Athenian League
Athenian League
Ideals: Courage, Discipline, Justice
Captain: Some Senior NPC …
Faculty: Storm Waller

The Athenian League is the first team of students to form, considered the first class of Coral Springs High. They espose the ideas of courage, justice and discipline. It is their valor and honor to be heroes, to use their abilities for justice and liberty.

At the onset of the school, the faculty and students were working closely with world powers in order to not present itself as a new one as well as teach the students what it takes to present themselves as a community. They have always respected world authority and leadership, doing all they can within those confines to uphold their ideas of justice. While liberty is one of the ideals they do uphold, they do not go above and beyond the law. They do believe by showing themselves as model citizens, they may some day affect those laws that remove justice and liberty from the lives of everyday citizens and, just as important, those new laws specific to supers.

Their captain and leaders are organized on the idea of a democracy, everyone on the team has a vote. While like the others this is limited to a senior student, all classmates in the League have a vote on who it shall be for the year. This is done within the first week of school each semester. All such positions in the League are chosen this way, including the team captain of (inter team sport to come). The faculty in charge of the league remains the same, but they only stand in as a neutral party as needed, the selection process always remains in the hands of the students.

Members of the League
Aisha (needs an icon).
Bronwyn (needs an icon).
Carmichael (needs an icon).
Gabrielle (needs an icon).
Grace (needs an icon).
Jake (needs an icon).
Jordan (needs an icon).
Koga (needs an icon).
Lance (needs an icon).
Michael (needs an icon).
Rain (needs an icon).
Ronan (needs an icon).
Saoirse (needs an icon).
Arena Fetch Team
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