Mary Elle Fanning
Name: Asenath Victoria Carter
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Turtle Island, Michigan
Age: 15
Aliases: N/A
Origin: Tainted bloodline
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Metis
Dating: N/A
Powers and Abilities: Topological Control, 4D Perception
Portrayed by: Mary Elle Fanning

Asenath Victoria Carter is the granddaughter of an evil sorcerer, who plotted to let eldritch abominations into our reality from…Outside. In the name of this occult quest, he gave his sanity, his soul, and ultimately his life. One of his many sacrifices in this sake was his own daughter, Asenath's mother, whom he forced to…mingle…with an alien entity from another universe. As a result of this union, two twins were born. One a boy, one a girl. Asenath resembled her mother in most respects. Her brother, on the other hand, resembled their father. As the years went by, Asenoth developed relatively normally, while her brother grew to massive proportions, eating sheep, goats and whole cows, and had to be confined to the basement of the family home. Eventually, he and their grandfather were killed by heroes while attempting a ritual to allow the many entities Outside our reality in. Not knowing what to do with the (more normal, and less obviously evil) girl, they sent Asenath to Coral Springs.

IC Events

Asenath's Story

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