Seal Lad
Natalie Alyn Lind/Bob Morley
Name: Ariel
Gender: Genderfluid
Place of Birth: Boston, MA
Age: 16
Aliases: Terry Crews
Origin: Trauma/Mystic
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Ares
Dating: Still lookin'
Powers and Abilities: Sentient cancer golem
Portrayed by: Natalie Alyn Lind/Bob Morley

Ariel had no idea that their mom and dad were a couple of super weirdos. Not until Ariel got cancer. Then mom turned out to be a mad scientist and dad turned out to be a baal shem tov, wizard of Jewish mysticism They decided to save their oldest child by violating the laws of god, man and science. The end result wasn't the miracle they'd hoped for.

Ariel has basically become a living cancer imbued with the power of a millennias old golem, all containing the mind of a sixteen year old teenager. Though her origins are scientific and mystic, she is now and uneasy mix of both and as such is something entirely different. For all intents and purposes Ariel is a two hundred pound mass of biological material (biomass) with innate control over every cell in her makeup.

IC Events

Took on the heady mantle of Seal Lad after poking fun of Ronan's name long enough that he got sore with her.


The above photo is the shape Ariel usually wears as a girl and below is her usual boy shape. All shapes are subject to change, though. Thus is the nature of shapechanging.


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