Ryan Newman
Name: Annaliesa Kaia Brooks
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Costa Rica
Age: 17 - February 20, Pisces
Aliases: Liesa, Anna
Origin: Hereditary
Grade: Senior
Team: Ares
Dating: Derek
Powers and Abilities: Powers and Abilities:
Portrayed by: Ryan Newman

"We obediently follow the rules, we're never late to class, we never have detention and we are the epitome of model students."

- Annaliesa, speaking of Ares.



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Derek #stayclassy #tripled
I met him before I ever knew he went to this school. Before I even went to this school. ♫ Can't Get You Off My Mind

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Felicia #bestieinthemaking
I like that she tells it like it is, she doesn't mince words. She's someone I trust.

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Daxton #speedster #tripled
I like Daxton, He's got a lot going on, but I'm glad we were able to save him.

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Dwayne #talldarkhandsome #tripled
He moves things with his mind. He's nice, quiet though. Definitely Ares.

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Vinny #littlebrother
My little brother. I really like having him around (most of the time) he's pretty cool though, keeps my secrets from our parents, if I ever have any. Like detention.

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Grayson #waterworks
He works with water like me. I think that's really interesting. He's a nice guy, maybe a little hard on himself though.



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