Willow Smith
Name: Amitoj Emem
Gender: Female
Place of Birth: Tanzania, Africa
Age: 16
Aliases: Ami, Lumen
Origin: Mutation
Grade: Sophomore
Team: Athena
Dating: None
Powers and Abilities: Omnikinetics/Aura Constructs
Portrayed by: Willow Smith

Born in Africa, she was trained to become the next shaman of her village. She manifested her powers and trained those instead. After an accident in her village she was brought to the school to learn to control her powers even more.

IC Noteables

  • She speaks with a very pronounced British Cant, or accent.
  • She is a new transfer to the school and the US.
  • She knows a lot about magic from her country, but isn't very good at it at all.
  • She is a full-on empath. She can sense emotions with the same ease of any other sense.
  • She wants to be a Doctor.
  • She doesn't like being dishonest at all.




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