Jason Momoa (young)
Name: Alistair Wolfhart / Jadaka
Gender: Male
Place of Birth: Zulu Tribelands, South Africa
Age: 16 (Birthday: June 28, 2002
Aliases: none
Origin: Genetic
Grade: Freshman
Team: Athena
Dating: None yet
Powers and Abilities: Atmokinesis/Tempestakinesis
Portrayed by: Jason Momoa (young)

Alistair Wolfhart was born as Jadaka of the Zulu Tribe in South Africa in 2002 to Zamari and Imani. His grandparents, both white south africans of british descent, joined the Zulu tribe after falling in love with the culture. Thus, further down the line do you have a boy of mixed descent, a rarity. He lived a quiet life, but even as a young boy, Jadaka knew that he was different. While looking physically impressive, he often fell ill in his younger years, leaving some to think him more of a burden than anything else.

However….until his powers manifested his powers. It was when he was about 11 years old.

but then his abilities manifested..and they they were on a grand scale. He could control the -weather-. Storms in all of it's might…tornadoes, heavy rain, thunderstorm, blizzards…all of the natural phenomena were at his disposal, especially when he made it rain heavily in the dry season, severely enhancing the Zulu people's way of living in terms of harvest and having food.

Apparently…his people took it a little bit out of proporition.

They believed him to be a god….which he was not.

and that's exactly how he was treated. He was thought a young god, a rebirth of one of the Old Ones. While this was far from the truth, it was how they revered him. The sages of the tribe, those gifted with the knowledge and skill of the mystic arts, taught him their ways. and soon enough? He became the tribes protector for quite some time.

As he learned and grew though? He eventually decided that he was not needed in order for the tribe to prosper, and he didn't want them to rely on him for everything…which was what came to be.

So? upon a sudden, Jadaka left the tribe. Which only made them believe that he returned to be with the gods…which was absolutely false.

Nay, Jadaka wandered for a time, at this point only 14 years old, and he ended up in the United States. Entering foster care, but eventually adopted by Jacqueline Wolfhart, a moderately wealthy woman. She renamed him as Alistair Wolfhart in honor of her late brother. Now that he was here…he decided to not use his powers, knowing that he was powerful, but he didn't want a repeat of his life in the Zulu tribe to happen here…that is until, his adopted mother was mugged.

During her assualt, it appeared as though she would be compromised in the process, Alistair came across the incident and proceeded to blast the man through three cars with tornadic winds, killing him instantly. Terrified at the abilities of her prospect, but loving him dearly, Ms. Wolfhart sent Alistair to one Coral Springs, where he could hopefully gain further clarity of his powers and learn to be a hero.

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